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Smashing the raptors already


Oranosaurus is now my beast…

Takes a pounce, uses his first attack and cleanses and then attacks and reduces raptor by 33% speed, goes first on next turn, hit and run, bye bye raptor…

Loving this update


So is my Amargocephalus. She actually took on a whole team by herself!


It’s great. The raptors are still glass cannons and can be used strategically, cleaning house at the right time, but don’t individually carry a team on their own.

The way it should be, in my opinion.


I think my Vraptor’s enjoying her break, lol!


i feel like this only works when you play people that don’t know what attacks dinos have, because anyone smart would swap their raptor. any speed decrease attack, i swap to a tank and either kill the raptor counter or get it’s health low enough for 1 hit to kill it and then bring the raptors back.