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SmellsLikeTeamSpirit (10/10, T8-9, 3 level 20 sancs) is recruiting!

SmellsLikeTeamSpirit is looking to fill 3 open spots after the Alliance Championship. Our team:

  • Consistently reaches 10/10 in Alliance Missions
  • Ranks Top 100 in the Alliance Championships
  • Shares 3 Level 20 Sanctuaries
  • Defeats raid bosses week after week—we do our best to ensure as many members as possible get a win. We have 16 Mortem Rex on our team, and more players set to unlock next week!

So, if you’re a friendly, strategic, and competitive individual looking for a [new] team, let’s chat. The ideal candidate is level 20 with 4500+ trophies, enjoys battling in the tournaments, can follow sanctuary rules, and uses discord to keep up with strategy and raids.

DM me on Discord if interested. Meghan#1181

Thank you!

Do you need to be active daily?

Yes, in order to reach 10/10 alliance missions and rank high in the tournaments, all members must be active daily and perform above and beyond :] It’s a group effort.

do you still have an open slot? i’m an active player who plays on a daily basis

Hi! We have 1 open spot. Find me on discord and we can chat more! My ID is Meghan#1181.

I would like to join

I sent you a request

SmellsLikeTeamSpirit is looking to fill 3-5 spots for tournament-oriented adult players.

We rank Top 50 in the Alliance Championships, reaching Tier 9 on 5-week tournaments, but falling just short of Tier 9 on 4-week rounds. We’re looking for individuals or a small group to join us and reach better rewards while also keeping it fun.

Other perks:

• 10/10 mission rewards

• 3 Level 20 sanctuaries

• Active Discord server

Message me on Discord (Meghan#1181) with screenshots of past tournament scores if interested. Thank you!