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SmellsLikeTeamSpirit is Recruiting New Members!

Are you tired of being the one carrying your alliance? Would you rather have a fun and strategic team? SmellsLikeTeamSpirit is a competitive group looking for like-minded competitive individuals.

Our alliance:

  • Consistently reaches 10/10 in Alliance Missions

  • Ranks Top 100 in the Alliance Championships

  • Shares 3 Level 20 Sanctuaries with the ARK Co-Op

  • Defeats Mortem Rex week after week

  • We’re hard-working and organized, but also “stupid and contagious”.

Discord is where our group hangs out. We have several channels in our server to ensure we reach our goals:

  • Come As You Are (introduce yourself!)

  • Lounge Act (general discussion, weekly events, daily cash links, share achievements)

  • Something in the Way (strategy schedule, DBI/mission screenshots, team building posts)

  • Endless, Nameless (battle strategies, tournament discussion and team tips)

  • Heart-Shaped Box (anything related to sanctuaries)

  • Drain You (dna requests, thank your donor)

  • Territorial Pissings (everything raid—we do our best to ensure as many members as possible get a Mortem Rex win.)

We’ll help you get stronger, but we have some House Rules:

  • Complete Daily Missions, including 20+ battles and 10+ incubators per day

  • Be attentive to alliance missions and what needs to be completed

  • Earn the Tournament Bonus and as many points above and beyond that you can

  • Typical sanctuary rules (no placing in any shared sanctuaries or creating any side sancs)

  • Donations are not mandatory, but donate when you can (and try not to duplicate requests)

  • Use Discord and be responsive to direct messages and tags (great communication is key to a great team)

  • Be active in game and on Discord unless you give notice.

We are looking for enthusiastic, sociable people (at least 18 years of age) with preferably 4500+ Arena Trophies and are team players who do more than the required minimum 10 tournament takedowns. Please note, we take communication and participation seriously—activity is tracked and silent/casual players will be quickly removed.

We do not take blind requests! If interested, please message me on Discord: Meghan#1181

Here we are now, entertain us.

Hello. I would like to join your alliance. Im level 20 vip. Playing every day. My discord is Gon138#2707