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Smiladon Unlock

Finally I unlocked Smiladon. Had 0 DNA this morning, found two and unlocked it. I’m so happy



What’s a Smilodon? Oh you meant that stupid creature standing on top of the Honda. Haven’t seen any yet but I am on the lookout for Hondas to see if it is standing on its roof.


Congratulations! That’s awesome. :grinning: I’m going to be looking for Smilodon today too. :paw_prints::eyes:

I have been trying to find one, but no luck, is there any specific spots in a city they spawn? I am gonna try the city center next week and see if I can find one there, if not then DPG is wrong and its NOT in my neighborhood.

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Maybe the daily missions can help you to unlock Smilodon? It is the new daily mission reward. :blush:

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I don’t know that the DNA will go towards unlocking it. I have a member that finished daily missions and only needed 28 and it didn’t unlock it. Anyone else?

Hmmm…I wonder if I am missing something. I hope your alliance member gets to unlock it soon.

I hunted this week and last. I don’t see a pattern where they spawn. Sorry.

Update, she thinks it might have been before it switched. That would make sense.

Oh don’t get too excited. Now you can collect 100 dna a day for this worthless dumb mammal and get lucky to find it on Mondays.

Congrats though I was happy when I found one last Monday and unlocked it as well. Then the excitement was over.