Smilecephalosaurus Swap and Stun

Bug Description: Please ensure that the swap and stun on the Smileocephalosaurus is occurring as advertised. Given the amount of times it has failed vs. worked there might be an issue.

Area is was found in: Battle both friendly and arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Swap in Smilo against an opponent that can be stunned.
Step 2 - Opponent is not stunned a majority of the times.

How often does it happen: Consistently

What type of device are you using: Android Galaxy S9+

Anything else? No need just asking that you check to ensure that this dino is programmed as advertised.

I will friendly battle myself cause I need to complete my daily and use Smilo and see if I get the same thing.

It’s been a week and not once has the stunned worked. At first I thought it is just bad luck but now I am almost certain it’s not.

Grrr. Going to be a bit over an hour till I get to it as I just got that stupid 16/24 error which means something is hung up on their server.

Anyway, playing this guy before, I do remember the stun working but not like Sinoceratops 75% chance that amazingly works 100% of the time… on me. I also remember Smilos stun doesn’t work alot.

I got my wife’s old phone, I can friendly battle her account.

I was able to play with two accounts that each had Smilocephalosaurus. I got them chosen on both accounts every time. What luck.

It was interesting to swap them in on each other. At least one would always stun the other.

IF the Smile that came in first was able to stun the Smilo that came in 2nd, the stunned Smilo would not be stuck unable to swap for 2 rounds, in fact I could swap it right back out. That could be a bug. This happened every time.
IF the Smilo that came in 2nd was not stunned by the Smilo that came in first and it stunned the first one, the Smilo that came in 1st would loose a complete turn.

As time was going, I would swap Smilo out and right back in just to see how often the stuns would land to the point I think I was able to swap one in and out like 4 times. The 66% chance ended up being around 66%. As far as swapping them in on top of each other, at least one would always stun the other. I didn’t have it where both smilos did not land a stun. This was over a course of 8 matches.

After half an hour of trying I finally was able to get him to stun the Tryko once. His swap ability leaves a lot to be desired. Guess a mistake was made fusing him. Thanks for your help @Oriondestiny