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Smilo build

I’m working on smilo(unique) for my team but I don’t know what speed it needs to be. I think 141is good but it can still be outsped by a thor.

Lots of speed and hp. That’s what I would recommend

Screenshot_20210426-173428_JW Alive
This is my smilo at the moment he is getting there need pachy dna :frowning:

Dang. That’s pretty good. I would say more speed because 139 (unfortunately) is easily out speed

Attack looks pretty good (get it to 1300+ Attack and you should be fine) hp is great. Yea more speed.

7/13/10 should be fine. Most of the ones I face are around those numbers

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Yeah its decent vs the apexs. 50% armour and shield lux and magnus go running. I might go to 1500attack. But levels should help with that.

Yea. I would say speed. Other then that. Your good.

Fast enough for full speed thor/morty.
Doing alot of work for me.


One question where did you get all the pachy dna :joy: my dam local changed. Ludia forgot about pachy and kentro.

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Almost. Max speed Mortem is faster. Unless you plan to add another speed boost.

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True but i need level 30 for it.

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My biggest problem is carbo. Looks like they can hide quite well in the forest and lake.

The only thing Smilo is good for tbh is completely the Dinodex.

Otherwise, you’re wasting your boosts image

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That’s just wrong in every single way lol. It’s one of the best morty/thor counters and it’s widely used in shores


some in the top 100 use it … IDGT902 is one of them…it works well against all apex… Thor’s


Exactly this, I purposely sped mine to 147 to deal with the Nitro Thors. If you align it’s rampage and run with something else that has swap in (eg Cera) it does some serious damage and can be a game changer, if used right


Not exactly high praise when any Cunning can take those on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not any cunning can not get one shot by morty, fare well against the other apexes, and synergize with the swappers. It’s used at the top for a reason, and I’d argue it’s the best cunning in the arena in this meta.


Nah that’s definitely Spyx, as it dents the resilients Apex’s, beats Mortem and Trebax, and has a solid 1v1 compared to other creatures, not to mention incredible output at 5250 by T2 (6000 on revenge) and how it fares against uniques

Nemys has pretty bad output (4400 by turn 2) and that problem tends to worsen when boosted. Also tends to be really meh against fierce since it has the one distraction move. Swap synergy is nice, but Nemys is really the only relevant creature of its niche, so it’s popularity is heavily influenced by that.

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