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Smilo in Four Turns

I had an idea, gathered some awesome people @zBatman, @TheShrimps and we did this:



Thank you so much! I always love people in the community who are willing to help other

I calculated minimum specs to pull this off, and here’s what I’ve got:
Thor: Level 25, 14 Damage Boosts
Rex: Min Damage 1805
Indom: Level 15, no boosts.*
Tuora: Min Damage 1632
These specs don’t account for a crit from Smilo, so adjust accordingly to increase your chances. Nor do these numbers account for Crits from any of the Raid Team. If you would like to try your luck with RNG, be my guest. I don’t recommend it.

*A level 10 Irritator could also pull this off, and Tuora’s damage could be lower-BUT! Rex’s Damage would have to be higher to compensate.

Other rules:
Indominus MUST be faster than Thor
Tuora MUST be faster than Thor
Thor MUST be faster than Rex

The moveset in this video has one notable improvement that could be made. DM me if you would like that info.