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Smilobemys needs a buff, now!

Smilonemys is all right, life, abilities, damage falls a little, but really, I only ask that you have full resistance in decelerating and distraction, the change in stun by 75% is very difficult to achieve take into account the armor cat :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face:


Agree it should be a little bit better, considering it’s fairly difficult to get DNA for


Precise Pounce
Deliberate Prowl
Swap In Stun
100% Stun/Decel
50% Distact

Smilonemys takes 3 different epics to build. It should reflect this by being one of the better uniques, instead of being dropped off almost all of the top teams. Carbo and Smilo are world epics, but pachy is hiding in zone 4. So in theory not the easiest thing to build.
The swap in stun does not do any damage and is only 66%. Stun resistance on many creatures reduces it’s effectiveness. You can’t depend on this to stun because of all the resistances.

Although it’s speed reduction is 50%, that 50% might as well be nonexistent, because it will be rare when something does not slow it down enough to make it slower. It’s loss of immunity to deceleration hurt it.
Sure that decelerating shielded strike combined with the speed resistance should keep it winning slow down speed battles, but it won most of those before anyway and would have won them without and speed resistance due to it’s higher speed.
The Deliberate Prowl will cleanse and evade with dodge, but so many things can remove or ignore evasion, that this ability has been made less viable in the current environment. In some cases it will get slowed down and hit through the prowl.
The return rewards for cleansing a distraction are negative in this environment. It is not even a priority prowl, like what smilodon has…
Smilonemys can’t penetrate armor or shields.
It’s damage output is low so even though it does have a x2 attack that it can use first turn, it is just not going to stand up to other creatures with armor and shields that can negate distraction and penetrate shields and armor. It is basically a hit and run creature now.

This is supposed to be a something called a Fast tank now and not a dodger. But the problem is, it can’t taunt or do enough damage to get the enemies attention.

Suggestions to make Smilonemys viable,

First address the change of role from evader to that of tank and change the Deliberate Prowl with Dig in Taunt from Carbonemys. You can call it a tank all you want, but If it can’t draw agro, it isn’t a tank.

Give it 100% resistance to speed reduction. (Give back it’s speed immunity)

Since that stun is undependable in this environment of too many creatures being partially or fully resistant to stun, I would suggest changing it’s swap in from “stun” to a “swap in stunning strike”

That Swap in stun count’s toward the equation that determines it’s abilities, damage, hit points, speed etc. . So another option would be just remove the near useless stun, to upgrade the other abilities. This could include raising it’s damage output to better reflect the damage output of it’s ingredient Smilocephalosaurus (1400).
Ideally Raise the damage to 1200, switch prowl to dig in, give it swap in stunning strike, and restore immunity to speed reduction.


You couldn’t say it better, they should listen to you, hopefully what you say happens

But the stun resistance is 100%, although It could have 100% decel resistance too, like last update. It wasn’t OP because of It and wouldn’t be now.
It really needs a damage buff. With the hp It has now i think 1100 would be ideal.


Hmm… I don’t think people want another swap in rat. Maybe just give him Swap in Acute Stun?

I agree that DP has to go. Once it’s purpose was to trick ID and II users but now many creatures lost ID while II became 2 turn now. DP is basically useless now. Dig In would be much better, no doubt.

1200 damage would be fine. I also think he should get SV instead of SDS


Esp. since if you’re slower, Dig In now lasts for 2 turns.

As for this whole thread, I SAY YES. Its not fair Nemys being one of the more exclusive uniques and Ludia just doesnt make it on par with the best uniques. And its not even the components’ fault, Viking Tiger has 1400 Damage and Carbo’s pretty decent for an Epic


its 3 components are epic, and all 3 have abilities that highlight them, and they give a result that leaves them wanting, why did they lower the damage? It is supposed to be a sprinter tank, but the sprinters exceed 127 speed and 1100 attack, it needs a buff in damage and it needs “escape in health”. Ludia has to put more love to enough creatures

My buff:
Hp: 3900
Dmg: 1300
Spd: 129
Def: 50%
Crit: 5%

Shielded resilient strike
Precise pounce
Dig in taunt
Rampage and run

100% decel resistance
100% stun resistance
Swap in resilient strike

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If we were going with a fast tank it would be something like this

Shielded decel strike
Dig in/short defense
Precise pounce
Rampage and run
Stun 100%
Decel 100%

Here’s my version
Shielded decel strike
Cunning impact
Precise pounce
Dig in
Swap in stunning strike
Stun 100%
Decel 100%
Distract 50%

Note that I don’t have smilonemy so I don’t know what’s too much or too little

Make it have same move as smilonemys boss :joy:

They turned the tiger into a kitty… it’s a shame cause I really love his kit and armour.

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Realy :cry:

He also needs a name change

The swap in rat did a lot more damage people were upset that it appeared easy to get and it was taking out what they thought was “hard earned” creatures too easily. This proposals doesn’t.
Also, there is already something that swaps in with a 1300 base in the monolorhino
That thing has cunning and definite impact as well as some shields 30% armor as well as a bunch of 100% resists.

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My smilonemys buff:

4000 Health
1200 Attack
129 Speed
50% Armour
5% Crit Chance

Shielded Decel Strike
Precise Pounce
Dig In (Loses Rampage Run)
Deliberate Prowl

Swap In Stun

100% Stun Resistance
50% Distraction Resistance
50% Vulnerable Resistance
50% Deceleration Resistance
50% DoT Resistance

Nemys died with the damage nerf. It’s quite cool and deserves power proportional to the difficulty of creating it.


Of course after Resilient Moves are taken care of and all, Nemys deserved to be buffed. My version of buffing it: (Also included Viking Tiger as for reference)

3600 HP changed to 3900 HP
1400 ATK
127 Speed

Same moveset

Immunity to Slow Reduction and Stun (Right now it has Immunity to Stun and 50% Resistance to Distraction)

4200 HP changed to 3900 HP
1000 ATK changed to 1200 ATK (maybe even 1300??)
127 Speed
50% Armour changed to 60%

Same moveset, with the exception of replacing its Shielded Decel Strike with something I like to call

Also Deliberate Prowl changed to Dig-In

Immunity to Slow Reduction, Stun, and Vulnerability. (Right now it has Immunity to Stun, 50% Resistance to Distraction/Slow Reduction/Vulnerability, 40% Resistance to Swap-Prevention)

I thought about it since yesterday and


Health: 4050
Attack: 1250
Speed: 127
Armor: 50%
Critic: 5%

Shield decelerating strike
Dig in taunt
Precise pounce
Rampage and run


100% to Stun
100% to Speed Decrease
50% to Dot
30% to rending
40% to swap prevention
50% to distraction

Swap in acute stun

Minor heal on escape(optional)