Smilocephalosaurus does anyone have it yet or pictures of created one?

I have seen pictures of the other 6 new hybrids except this one which is very intriguing
as i would like to know what this fine beasty looks like in the flesh so i can gauge just how nasty it appears, any pictures that any players have of one they created would help immensely as i wish to include it in my book of dinosaurs that is being compiled for future reference on powers / abilities etc.
:thinking: :smirk: :thinking: :smirk: :thinking:

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Woa, I love this one…need 40 more strands of dna to create it… has an awesome moveset I see… :slight_smile:

I almost could have had this one, but I messed up. I didn’t think that Smilodon would get a hybrid this soon, so I was trying to get it to team level (20-22). Lol :rofl::sob: