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Smilocephalosaurus is better than Smilonemys?

Trying out some new dinos. Had opened up this Unique hybrid, but in looking at it the kit seems actually worse in this meta than its sibling. With so many overboosted Thors running around I am not sure the 50% armor buys much in this meta (maybe with the Erli’s). Same with Defense Strike as opposed to Evasive Strike. Its siblings attack stats are much better, even 2 levels lower. And why did it lose Rampage and Run?

I would love other’s opinions on if Smiloemys makes sense on a team.

Smilonemys isn’t the greatest starter. It’s risky because you never know if your opponent is going to start with a chomper like Thoradolosaur or Trykosaurus. But even then, the pounce + impact and run could work against chompers too.

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Looking at sure seems better per say

I but then again evasive is a Chance while armor and shields are a guaranteed. And sure it does 3,000k damage per turn but I think with the armor nemys has it needs attack decrease but then again it’s too low maybe making it 1,300 is better and the switching the run moves giving nemys rampage and smilo impact but other than that I think they both have there niche


Smilonemys has honestly a positiv matchup against Thor and Tryko because Precise Pounce and Prowl help him to not be destroy by chompers, I think Smilonemys is more useful to save a low HP dino in your team with swap in stun and his bulk

Armor is only a help if it’s not a chomper or has rending which so many do now. Armor and shields make a tank and everyone knows tanks are not great in the current meta. At lest evasive can work against a chomper. The sibling can do more damage than it variant with higher attack stats and Rampage and Run.

@Jurassik_Fan - its legendary sibling also has Swap in Stun, Precise Pounce, and Prowl. It has Evasive Strike and Rampage and Run too though, which should make even better against Thor and Tryko than its Unique variation.

I was thinking the same thing @jvpeters!!

The low HP and very poor damage don’t do much to help the unique … despite having 50% armor (and after considering how much harder it is to make).

I absolutely love the legendary’s kit though … great HP, attack that rivals many top teir chickens and pretty decent speed too.

Of the two, I’d be more likely to put the legendary on my team than the unique.
(I’m sure some will disagree but this is very similar to the utasino vs rinex debate)


For Thor is not sure, Smiloceph don’t have some armor to protect him of IC, at equal level Nemys do enough damage with Precise pounce and impact and run, he has a better base HP and the armor protect him for IC so theoretically Nemys has a better matchup positive, if Thor is more stronger Precise pounce and Prowl+ Pounce could be enough to kill him and again Nemys has a better stat HP

For Tryko Smiloceph could have a better chance than Nemys but honestly I think is close

I think having a fast tank is a huge plus on any team, especially one with precise and distraction. I run smilonemys on my team, and I think the armor makes it a far better option than smiloceph.


They have different uses. Smilonemys is better fighting the non armor piercing dinos with high attack stats like procerath and erlidom. Smiloceph is better at fighting DCs and has phorusaura levels of power with less bulk.


I feel like nemys should be like this

Smilonemys: unique; * this means it has been change for balancing purposes and will be explained at the end

Speed:125 *
Health: 4,100*
Attack: 1,300*
Armor: 60%*
Immune to stuns


Shielded decelerating strike*
Precise pounce
Delebrate prowl
Impact and run
Swap-in dodge*

Changes explained:

  1. giving it 125 speed: now before you all say anything about it being any slower let me explain okay first of all it gets its parents full 60% armor so there is that to account for, then there is the the fact it’s gotten a health and attack buff which in nothing to laugh at and finally it now has a slowing move.

  2. the change from long defense strike to decel shield. It makes more sense since it now has turtle dna that it should have slow but adding superiority vulnerability or just regular superiority would have been just a tad op I choose to go with this move although it has one slight change and that that it only slows for 1 turn.

  3. swap in stun to swap in dodge, it’s just never been reliable and it leave you as a yummy snack if that stun doesn’t land. Having a dodge while not negating all the damage still also it to swap in in dire moments of need


Smiloceph is better against Phorusaura ? Like Nemys is slower and he’s out by instant rampage and Superiority strike, Nemys has armor to protect him and still have Precise pounce to do a lot of damage against Phorusaura. And for DC Nemys take almost nothing if you use prowl or defensive long strike so it make almost no difference

Oh sorry never mind you just say Smiloceph is good as Phorusaura to revenge kill wich is true, sorry again

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Sorry. I should’ve punctuated that better. Smiloceph has phorosuaraish levels of power but with a bit less bulk. So it can fight almost everything phurosaura can.

Your version make sense and is good but why 10% to crit ?

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You say prowl is not so good for Nemys but he can’t dodge without Prowl wich is useful to protect him against defense shattering Rampage of Tryko and Thor

Cause it loses deliberate prowl so it can’t have 50% crit anymore so I I have it 10% to have a high than average chance

Well that true it can those are kinda a tanks counters although it can easily beat Thor by running or cleanse since it dies with precise and an impact; as for the dodge on deliberate prowl i think from my experience with thylo, and smilocep it’s not as reliable

Well but I don’t think cleansing impact is better than prowl, maybe sidestep or evasive strike, it’s a super hybrid from Smilodon so logically he has an evasive move

While that is true the reason smilo and smilocep have it is cause they have no armor or shields plus lowing health so they need that evasive to survive. Nemys on the other hand has shields, armor, and distraction so it be a bit much to also give it a dodge since why would it need it

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Although it’s a creative idea, don’t you think you made it a tad bit overkill? The small reduction of speed isn’t a reason to buff all other stats and moves in my opinion. I think Smilonemys is balanced as it is and has its rightful place on tyrant. Still a creative idea though.