Smilocephalosaurus is underrated

I hope I’m not breaking a forum rule by replying to an older post, but I just wanted to say thank you to @Ketchup for showing me what Smiloceph can do. I decided to get it up to team level and boost it and I haven’t been disappointed, he’s an awesome addition to the team and I hope he doesn’t get nerfed in the near future.


I don’t like the design. Honestly, she looks like a mangy long fang dog.
Furry pachy may looks better. :grin:

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Seems good but its ugly to me very terrible design choice, I won’t hate it as much if Pachy gets a 2nd hybrid or this is redesigned.

I can’t find it in me to use my beloved Pachy dna on this. I have quite a bit of it, especially now as the daily.

This thing is so ugly…looks like a Viking helmet

The design…is weird. But I also disliked Suchotator’s design before, but now he’s on my team and can do some damage, so I don’t judge by design choice, I judge on actions.


Well, I like its design… I looks more like what you’d expect from a genetically engineered monster… It’s different from Dsungaia, that looks more like something wearing a Darth Vador-like dinosaur costume, and I sure like it more than Diplotator, that just looks like a cartoon monster. (Diplotator is the only one that I really don’t like. Otherwise, the designs are to me overall very nice.)

It’s pretty good on my team, unfortunately it is the lowest level, so it gets smashed alot. Boosting its speed over 150 helped a ton

I am using it right now because I need something whose speed rivals Utahsino (very prominant at my level) and hit hard. The only one I had was Proce but it always get 1 shot whenever the opponent has a rat on their team.

It performs quite well even though it is in range of rat only after one hit from anything. It still can’t get 1 shot the moment it is in the battlefield.

As for swap in stun countering Rat, I don’t rely on it since it’s a 66% chance. Besides, if the rat is stunned during swap in, it won’t get locked so they can swap it out immediately. Though they need sth to tank the hit of Smilocepha

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I honestly think they should make it 100 percent chance for swap in stun, it wouldn’t break the game and would make the few creatures that have it, better.

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Or a drag queen!

I agree with that

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I just had a great battle using Smiloc last night. Multiple swap in stuns and dodge rampages, beat a Rat, and these were enemies over level 20! Love this Baldcat


I call it cappy coz it looks like those caps old men and golfers wear kek

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