Smilocephalosaurus pros and cons


  1. Very high attack stat (1500)

  2. Very good speed tier (127)

  3. Hard Counters the rat on both swap in and after rat killed something

  4. Two rampages (one lowers attack for a turn while the other is the swap out attack)

  5. Delib. Prowl can give it a damage buff if it lands the 66% damage reduction

  6. Swap In Stun prevents it from getting hurt on the turn if it lands and the opponent isnt immune.

  7. The pounce can help against Thor and other high damage dinos.


  1. Frail boi

  2. Struggles against tanks and distraction users

  3. Prowl can backfire if it fails to get the damage reduction on dodge

  4. Swap in Stun can backfire due to the rng behind it

  5. While speed tier is definitely good for this meta, it has issues with Magna, Erlidom, and other top dinos that can outspeed it

  6. Ugly af

What do you guys think of the mammal/reptile thing? Is it viable, and what tier do you think itll be in. Feel free to point out any other benefits/downsides to it and I’ll add it to the list.


You missed the biggest con: having to blind yourself after seeing how hideous the thing is.


You were saying? :wink:

I honestly like the design for it. I compare it to a viking tiger

Hey to each their own, something about the reptilian legs just skeeves me out :joy:

Also the cleanse on deliberate prowl doesn’t seem to work.

I swear I’m like the only person who actually likes the damned things design…

I like it so much that I made a thing!

I put it on my team at level 18 and it’s fun, despite being a frail boi. Gotta keep farming Pachy daily dna.


I like the design too. I only put it on the list of cons because of popular opinion lol

I’ve been using it in the tourney and have been surprised how well it does at 18. Two rampage moves sold me.Definately looks out of place in the deck though. Dino, dino, dino, funny looking kitty, dino, dino, dino, dino.