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Smilodon dino


Anyone know any news when we are to expect this kitty cat? See it every time I log on and want it


I haven’t seen one at all yet. I was expecting the new Cenozoic’s would be the Pterosaur release and we would see them everywhere for a few days but apparently not. :frowning:


should be a Monday daily spawn


Excellent. I just need Smilodon and the Marsupial Lion to complete the five.


Purrataurus! Let’s go!


I’ve got Purratauros up to 15th level already but I really want to get this one higher.


in friendly battles it is a beast :smiley:


Levels barely matter in this meta anyway :upside_down_face:

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the power of :money_mouth_face: will give you the “skill” needed :smiley:


I haven’t seen any smilodon or the terror bird.


Terror Bird I got from a battle incubator (when battles worked).


I don’t think terror bird is available in the wild :S only got dna from incubator


I fought one in a friendly battle once, it was a right pain in the butt.

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I tried to use it in the tournament but couldn’t make it work :S smilodon on the other hand looks really strong (but don’t have it myself)

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I want Terror Birb. It’s signature move sound awesome and strong.

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I’ve seen Diego in battle his prowl sometimes doesn’t cleanse.


I worry about Mondays daily migration, I’ve seen none of the epics yet and I’ve walked for 2 days. Seen a few rate triceratops today but again doubt smiledon will show up.


Picture was really helpful thanks

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so i just spent like 45 minutes tapping every dino and scrolling down to see active day. came up with this same list on my notepad on my macbook lol!!! i should’ve just searched and found it instead of wasting my time.

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i do too, i wish it wasn’t an epic. it looks cool and finally got a hybrid. I’m not going past 15 because it could evolve again.

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