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Smilodon - New to my Team

My 2nd account that plays in S.S. Arcadia, arena 3 now has added Smilodon which is turning out to be a good addition to my 2nd account team. So far it’s one of the better new creatures. The 129 speed gives it a first strike advantage over most and a good starter. It is much like the Indo with the RNG in that you “cross your fingers and hope not to die.” If and when the dodge does work, the 3X damage with the precise pounce can take out my opponent.

I’m expecting to soon start running into this guy now that we all get it with our daily missions reward. This is going to be the Indo of mid level teams and expect to see these boosted when players hit level 10.

My 12 Smilodon almost took out a level 17 Sinosaurus. The temptation to boost is there to bump its speed just one to put it just faster than a raptor and higher Erliko’s. I’m doing well without the boosts so I’ll save those for later.


This is what you get when you fuse a Smilodon with a T-Rex Gen 2.


How do you have more than o e account? I only have one device, so can I only have one account?