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Smilodon... nonexistent

Anyone else having trouble with the next to nonexistent dna in incubators or spawns for smilodon? I can’t get mine past a lvl 12 -_-
It needs to be a Daily Missions reward or an alliance reward. Getting frustrated.

It was already a Daily Mission reward for awhile.


Probably complained about Smilodon was useless and didn’t bother to get any of it during the daily mission.

Tell you who is nonexistent for me at the moment, Allo gen 2.

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Yup, same here, but also with nausto

Ah that’s unlucky. I have found tons of Nastu and I’m happy bout that. I did manage to do the shield breaker event, but I still wanted to find at least 1


I’ve found a decent number of nastu. Have yet to see a wild allo g2. Hopefully today I’ll find one.

It was a daily mission reward for a month. Did you ignore them or something?

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Even I have trouble finding them on Mondays. I usually only get 1 every two weeks.

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Really soon Cenazoics will be able to be put in the sanctuaries.

It was already a daily mission reward awhile ago

Like everyone said, Smilo was Daily Mission Reward for 21 days.

I find Smilodon occasionally on Mondays as a wild spawn.


I didn’t get my first smilodon till 2 months ago. So I missed out the missions rewards. And no, not because I thought it was “useless” dna.

So you started 2 months ago?

Last year one of the moderators on the JWA Facebook fan group page made a comment wondering why I darted an epic or rare (I forgot which one, maybe Wuerho or Concavenator?) that didn’t have a hybrid at the time. I replied that I dart ALL epics and rares regardless if they have a hybrid because they may get a hybrid in the future. Sure enough, all those dinosaurs that people thought were worthless back then now have great hybrids.

I do the same thing for mission rewards. I try to complete them every day even if I’m not planning on making the hybrid right away.

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I’m holding out hope for Scaphognathus, I have so much DNA for it. The thought of it getting a hybrid is the only thing motivating me to dart it.

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I’ve got a leveled Smilodon and Smiloceph, and I’ve seen a few in the wild, but it’s been weeks.

So I guess it’s Smilo-non.