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Smilonemys Boss Strategy

Anyone cracked it yet?

Im struggling to find an approach… two healers plus shield cruncher and nullifyier??? or maybe Rend?


Beat it twice. You’re best off with a Taunting Invincibility user that can also hit through Shields and Armour, like Ardentismaxima or Trykosaurus.
Tryostronix can boost Maxima’s attack to the point where it OHKOs both minions.

You could use Tuoramoloch to help take out the minions before they can do anything. It’s a good healer too.


If teams / people haven’t got access to hard to get Uniques - we just beat it with a lv 25 Ardentismaxima, lv 25 Paramolch, lv 24 indo raptor and a level 18 Ardontosaurus.

Para provided the shields and heal whilst both Maxima and Ardontosaurus took turns taking the the hits using Instant Invincibility Taunt. Didn’t lose any Dino’s either.

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I did it last night with only 2 friends, so 1 dino short. We used Max, Tryko (or was it Dioraja?) and a healer. This one is not too hard.

Did it with a 3

Thor, Maxima and Toura. All Lvl 25. Just make sure both group attacks are available when minions return in second round

Update for you… just beat it with Maxima lv25, Paramolch lv 18, Ardonto lv18 and a Tryostronix lv 16… literally last turn… but hey it means lots of people from our growing alliance gets the DNA and that’s the main thing.

I beat it Yesterday evening because I was invited to it… didn’t have it on the map yet


Wow your low battery turned it from night to day! That’s some crazy powerful phone you have :scream:


I’m looking for Nemys. I have Boosts on Thor, Maxima and Dio and I know how to use them.

Add me UltraInstinct #2838

We did it with the following team:

Ardentismaxima L25 (Boosted health and damage)
Thoradolosaur L25 (Capped)
Indominus Rex L21
Paramoloch L16

Maxima was the only dino to survive until the end.

Me and some friends did it with iirc

A 20 Ankyntro(me)
A fresh maxima
A 22 Thor that was faster than max
And a 22 toura

A combination of misplays during round 2 on my part and a few late heals from toura meant I died to carno,but we still got it at the end

Level 21 diorajasaur level 25 indo level 24 indom and 21 touramoloch. Took forever and didn’t lose a dino but almost ran out of turns. We were down to our last one when we took it out.

Wish the loot was better for time it takes to complete these raids

4 of us in my alliance beat it last night. 21 Tryk, 21 Dio, 23 Tuor and a 23 Tenont. Tryk and Dio just alternate putting up shields/invincibility and getting attacks in, and the other two attack/heal as needed. Takes forever but we did it no problem. That’s only because only carnotaurus could break Shields though.

We beat it with a lvl 21 Toura, lvl 25 Dio, lvl 22 Thor, and lvl 17 Tryo… We had it close several times without Tryo, but with his damage buff it went down in around 13 rounds…

Raid Strats

This has details on how I beat it with @Thylo_75. Note that this thread will be updated as soon as someone gives me a guaranteed win strategy

Tryko, 2 healers and Ardento do the job easy.

Can you do it with weak creatures

If your got mates with Tryko, Maxima, and a good healer (Dilorano, Dilorach, Tuo should do), than you just need about 2.1k HP to beat it

Beat Smily with tryko, two Ardentos and one Tuoro it was so easy lol