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Smilonemys Boss Strategy

Without Tuora, best strategy is with Dioraja or Paramoloch to shield. Then Tryo, Thor or/and Maxima and another high damage shield breaker in case of using only Thor or Max. Max and Thor should be slower than Tryo, for more easy win.

I did it with 25 Tuora(forgot if boosted or not), 25 Dio(boosted), 15 Trex(not boosted), 22 thor(not boosted). Tuora spams speed boosts and heals and Dio taunts while the trex and thor breaks shields

Yep you can do it with low level stuff even a basic 11 ankylosaurus or a low suchotater can take it on

Used tryko 2 ardentos and one tuoro it was easy and fast.

I’m just gonna leave this here:

I’m not too sure about low level creatures, but the best ones to use are Gemini, Dioraja and at least one healer (Tuora is the best). The other can be a Max. They don’t need to be boosted I think. It’s pretty easy, last time I did we just needed 8 turns. Either Gemini or Max uses instant shield when Nemys does rampage, the rest is easy to figure out.

Can also use Dioraja instant shield when Nemys rampages.

Anything with priority group taunting shields is great for this boss, i personally use Dio, it’s perfect for It. As long as you have something with shields ro protect the whole group and instant invincibility to protect from the pounce, you can safely use 2 fierce and a healer. It’s good to have one fierce with ferocious moves like Tryo, gorgo, but not necessary. What do you and your friends have available?
What i definitely don’t recommend is indo and indom, I’ve seen people go with them but they are terrible for It.

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Tryko and Maxima are both good, because they can alternate using IIT when Smilonemys uses precise pounce. Tryko is especially good for this because it’ll slow it down afterwards.

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A healer isn’t even neccesary with Maxima, Dioraj, T-Rex and a booster (such as Tryostronix.) Now that being said: the link I posted above involves creatures not impossible to find among upper-level players in order to get the job done in 4 turns.
I mean really, Smilo’s damage really isn’t that high, and IIT can spoil the only decent amount of damage it can deal. I feel that it’s one of the easiest bosses. I’ll see if I can find a solution using a team that’s all under level 20.

A healer isnt necessary but it is a good idea, teno heals a ton and does great damage. 2 creatures with IIT and a booster and this is actually the 2and easiest raid

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So I’m trying to figure this out and here’s the funny thing:. I’m sure that this could be won with a level 20 Rex and level 15 Irritator and Ankylosaurus, and maybe Maiasaur? Or something somewhat like that, but…
The biggest obstacle to finding a low-level strategy is actually not Nemys. It’s Carnotaurus. The biggest threat to a low-level strategy is not the boss. It’s the minion. How sad is that?

If we allow for this, I think it could carry level 15s of Ankylo, Irritator and Ourano through the entire match.

I beated it with a
Shield destoryer (Thoradolosaur)
A damage dealer (erilidominus)
A invincibility taunter (Diorajasaur)
And a healer (Tuoramoloch)

Tryko is great at smily raids.