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Smilonemys buff plz

He literally does not have enough damage to kill anything, plz either damage buff him or buff swap in stun to a 100% chance to stun, for me Smilonemys is hard to make and I think a buff should be in order


As a Smilo user, I second this. As a unique it’d be nice to have a unique swap in move, something stunning slash 0.5 damage with a 100% chance of stun


Agree he deserve a small buff,but stun is clearly not end game changer.

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She needs at least 1200 or more attack to counter the pesky fierces


I’ve said many times that nemys’ swap-in stun needs to be 100%. Most things have stun resistance anyway, so a 100% stun would allow it to counter the things it’s supposed to counter, like thor, but wouldn’t make it OP.


Being a 3 epic creatures hybrid, I think it should be better than it currently is. SiS should definitely be 100% instead of the current swap in stun / eat a rampage. A slight increase in damage would not be a scandal as well.


This is what I hope it gets from a buff
Or dig in to enable heal but weaker against chompers
But personally I think the most useful buffs would be damage and swap prevention, the rest of the buffs are just the icing

I kinda don’t care for the Dig In myself. DP is fine, it’s just evasion isn’t great, and now you only have 2 options to avoid damage instead of 3. The other changes are fine and I agree with them, but Dig In doesn’t really fit well with me. That’s just my opinion though.

avoid damage? also dig in’s main purpose is to heal and sometimes speed up

Reduce damage (I call it avoid. Sorry bout that). Also Dig In is also used to block incoming damage, not just heal and speed up.

yeah i know, but the shield from digin is useless against chompers
we want it a better cunning resilient so it does better against chompers

Exactly. That’s why I would prefer DP. That way you at least get a dodge chance (I swear it’s not 75%, too much has hit through at this point).

yep, dig in is just another option as carbonemys has dig in, this move would allow it to fight against spyx/rinex better as theyre usually faster and dig in can shield first and possibly bring you up to faster than them afterwards and you can keep shielding

Yes, but Smilo has SDS for that. There isn’t really a need for it. It would bring in more turtle dna to it however.

If they would just give it the damage the legendary version has and make his swap in stun 100% it would be killing it

Don’t forget,it is a resilient aswell,which mean it is normal for some chompers to have the possibility to deal against him.

it does not need a move change just stat buff, dp is a very good move