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Smilonemys Build

Next week I will be able to get Smilonemys. I want to add him to my team but don’t know how to boost him. I have no idea what any builds are for Smilo or any similar creatures and was hoping to get your opinion on how to boost him.

Any help given is much appreciated!

I’ve found the best way to boost is to play with the character unboosted and then just add where you feel the weak parts are. With that said, I’d get speed to at least 150 to get you ahead of chompers and then mainly attack

I have found that a final (level 30) build of 6/13/10 works well. That’s 5451/1771/148, which is faster than even the fastest mortem and thor, with enough power to kill them with pounce/R&R and enough health (with the armor) to tank some hits from everything that can’t pierce armor/break shields.