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SMILONEMYS Design thoughts

So Smilocephalosaurus is difficult to look at.
Anyone want to hazard a guess at what the turtle might bring to the mix?
Guessing something like…


Its probably going to have a turtle-like head with long fangs and a dome forehead, and either the legs and head will be furry, or the shell with have fur. Either way, cant wait to see what it’s going to look like


Hahaha I had that exact picture in my head but with a big A Tiger lol !!

But that 50% armour and all the selections with swap in stun (if stun works again)

I really am interested in seeing this release in the arena and in my list of dinos to test!

Its the rat counter we’ve been needing. I genuinely believe the rat will begin to go down since this thing obliterates it, and then some to the rest of the creatures

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I actually think it’s going to be a turtle, with a cat ish dome head, and a spiky shell. Whatever it looks like, it can’t be worse than Smiloceph, right? Right?

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