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Smilonemys is a piece of crap!

So I’m not a fan of swap meta which is why my only swap dinos do ZERO damage on swap…thing is I only keep Smilonemys on my team as a Thor killer but since my swap doesn’t do any damage you can at least let it do 100% stun! As it is it misses more often than stuns and when you don’t stun against a Thor you’re handing the other guy a win, often without even losing any HP if he does enough damage on his 1st attack and then finishes off with a stun.

So when this happens I just quit the game as I’ve lost interest. I’m working from home so I’d rather focus my attention on my work rather than a match I’ve already lost…and if you argue that that’s poor sportsmanship then please just put in a forfeit button coz I’d gladly use it when I miss my stun all the time.


Honestly, people have been calling on Swap in Stun to be 100% for a while, though that’s a buff to Phor that I don’t want. But Smilonemys really needs a buff, and the same goes for a lot of the cunning resilients, myself included. The health nerf reverted would make it pretty good, plus with its already ridiculous armor (Second Highest in the game, with the ability to Shield, dodge and Distract) makes it pretty tanky with the extra hit points added back to it.


I don’t mind at all.
A wins a win even if the timer has to run to zero.
A psychological win feels better than a strength one for me personally.


The fact that the 66% swap-in-stun is a kind of a gamble isn’t very appealing to me. I think it would be better if some creatures, like Smilonemys, had a 100% swap-in move instead (swap-in acute stun?). Given that there are more creatures with Stun resistance now than before update 2.0, making this change might increase the viability of creatures with swap-in-stun moves.


I would like the 3 swap-in stuns to be somewhat distinguished from each other instaed of A is better than C which is better than B
Stun: 100%-90%
Headbutt: 75%
Stunning strike: 66%


So in case Ludia needs proof this is how battles go when the stun misses…

I just quit the battle at this point as there’s really nothing more I can do.


My idea for a buff.


Wowowowow you sure about that

As a nemys user, I can say that you lack skills to be a good cunning, and resilient skills to be a good resilient
Create a unique and exclusive nemys ability that would help fulfill its cunning-resilient role, would improve it


So you’re 1-0 down … who’s to say you can’t turn it around? Magna and Tenrex are both good against Thor (ok, not so much the latter as yours is slower).

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You can win it.

Got many times from 0-2 to win.

Some of the top players use nemys. It could use a slight damage buff since it’s swap in does 0 damage though.


Yes it IS possible…but highly unlikely, basically I’ve been in this situation enough times to see a Thor take out my fully boosted Nemys without taking any damage, it’s hard to come back from that position and since I’m at work while I play I rather quit and focus on my work for a few minutes instead of wasting my time in a battle I’ve already lost after literally one move.

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…and just like that I QUIT the battle since the battle was already lost. I started off with Ardentis so I could’ve won that match up anyway BUT opted to swap to smilonemys since it’s purpose built for Thor…but hey thanks for the loss Ludia.

SO…in my very next battle the score was 2-1 in my favor when the Thor came out, rather than rely on swap in stun I sacrificed my dino to play safe but this means it gave my opponent the upper hand and I ended up losing this battle anyway as he then had the swap in advantage.

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Smilo isn’t a thor counter? It’s a little like Orion but a little more versatile.

agreed, not a great matchup as smilo’s armor is practically useless at that point if not played right. Like I’d only use smilo v thor if thors about to go for an instant stun to kill my dino and so i swap into the cat, maybe or maybe not stun thor(most likely not because it never does when needed), then just go for a move and let the match play out

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Smilonemys should have some moves from the boss version of it in my opinion.

Why not just have diminished returns on stuns? First stun in a short period of time is 100% chance, next is 66%, next is 33% and so forth?

As someone who loves nemys and uses it often, it is quite brittle, and needs a attack buff to 1200. I say this bc 1400 attack from smilocephalo, and 1000 from carbo and carbo has superior vulnerability to help with damage, nemys dont get that. I get that it gets 50% armor but still. I have thought of maybe having prowl be replaced with Prowling shields. All in all, nemys needs a small buff in attack and health maybe

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