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Smilonemys is bad, please give him his attack back!

At this current state Smilonemys is not good enough. My level 27 with slightly boost to damage/health really can’t do much.

Now I can see that damage nerf was too much and I request Ludia to return his initial release damage. HP nerf is good enough imo.

He really lacks any armor/shield piercing move and then on-top one move don’t really do much (especially if you compare to move on Indoraptor g2) …

My below Smilonemys I regret boosting a bit and putting my team; till now he unable to do any good job really :frowning:

Smilonemys is mine and it actually couldn’t able to do much to Monostgetops (and their Dig-In moves are really too good).

When did Smilonemys get a nerf?

You didn’t noticed? When it was released with 1.9; had 1500 attack at level 26 and 4200 HP … they with a minor new release decreased his ATK to 1200 and HP to 3950.

So he lost 300 ATK and lots of HP. HP nerf I agree but ATK nerf is too bad. I was happy when they did (as the campaign one was very hard); but now I can see that level 27 with current nerfed ATK is just not good enough.

I didn’t notice no, but I didn’t unlock it straight away and was on holiday too so missed out on the early opportunity. And saw no patch notes about it.