Smilonemys needs a buff

As a part cunning creature, nemys has a bit too little damage (1100) Ideally it should be either 1300 or 1200 damage. Any other suggestions?

But she has 4200 HP, with that bulk she probably doesn’t need more damage. I love that she got an HP buff, made her much better. If a damage buff would mean an HP nerf then I’m more than happy to keep the damage as It is. I don’t think she’s bad, i use her and she’s reasonably good even unboosted. I’m not opposed to a buff, as long as It keeps the HP as It is tho. I think the damage output is fine for what nemys needs to do, but maybe a rework of the moves could be a good idea. Like:

4200 HP
1100 damage
127 speed
50% armor
5% crit

Superior vulnerability
Dig in
Precise pounce
Rampage and Run


Would be nice. An extra 100-200 damage would go a long way. And make prowl 100% dodge.


sorry I forgot to increase damage it is 1250

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