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Smilonemys needs an attack buff

So I was looking at smilonemys level 21 without any mods and saw smilodon level 15 no mods and the smilodon had more attack. I feel like smilonemys needs a serious attack buff

it litteraly is getting a buff to its attack stat this next update.


It’s still good but it just needs more attack

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It is I didn’t know even realize

Well oops


Getting 100 more attack
And I think a 250 health buff
But its losing 10% armour and its R&R is now delayed

It has plenty attack come the new update. Its attack is that low because of its great moveset and armor


Although It comes with great cost. I don’t think It will be viable after that delayed rampage and run change, even with the stat buffs(not to mention armor nerf). This change completely kills the ability to counter Mortem and Thor. What were they thinking :man_facepalming:


That a lot of people use it to counter those creatures so they were like NEEEERRF

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Honestly, since testa had a great buff i think they were just trying to shift our investment from one turtle hybrid to another since testa wasn’t being used. But like, can’t we have both Ludia? Why ruin one of the options? If they are both good we can choose one or even invest on both. We could have so much more variety like this…