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Smilonemys nerfed! New stats

I just faced this in the arena after the mini update we just had. From these stats and knowing that it’s t1 boosted, we can deduce that it now has 3990 HP (previously 4350) and 1200 Attack (previously 1500). Rest of the stats stay the same. Very good nerf in my opinion, and good job Ludia on keeping it extremely powerful but not broken, especially before anyone could level it up (or even make it).


So this is what it looks like … It is so tiny!

I faced it twice in AI mode and lost… Good thing it was nerfed, it was OP…

What else got nerfed?

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Smilonemys is NOT BROKEN! At least, for something that is made from 3 hard to get epics it isn’t. The Counter Trinity take care of it, and even if they don’t kill it, they at least bring Nemo low enough for the next creature to kill it. Indo G2 beats it in every single situation. Maxima takes care of it. Suchotator kinda takes care of it. Stegod and Tragod take care of it. Gemini takes care of it. Noodle takes care of it. Magna takes care of it. Yoshi takes care of it. Heck, BLUE TAKES CARE OF IT! Should it be given a small nerf? Yes! 4.3k+ hp is a bit too much for something with 50% armor. Should ludia give it that big of a nerf? Nope. Besides, poor guy doesn’t even have a shattering move, and a lot of its counters are armored


Aaaaaand you totally forget that it has both sia stun and runaway move. It doesn’t need to be great duelist when it has so much utility.


You don’t know what you’re talking about. It was crazy broken. It itself was the ONLY thing making Mission 72 a nightmare. It needed a slight nerf.

I did say it needed to be nerfed. SLIGHTLY. Just like what you’ve said

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The nerf was a bit more than I expected. Its still strong but will suffer from meta. Indo2 is certainly better in current meta now.

More than half from your list used NOT to take care of it obviously though, and it was OP.

Ludia will buff it if it does not turn out to be good. No one even created it so whats the worries, it at least made campaign easier lol.

I’m analyzing it based off 1v1 so swap in stun is useless. And, I should have clearafyed that a lot of the counters that I mentioned for it don’t ACTUALLY kill it. Just bring it low enough so that you can kill it with your next dino. And yes, the runaway move complicated things but a lot of its true hard counters still counter it.

Indo G2
Turn 1: Cautious strike. Precise pounce.
Indo G2 hp:2400/ Smilo hp:3600
Turn 2: Definite rampage. Deliberate prowl.
Indo G2 hp:2400/ Smilo hp:600.
Turn 3: Cautious strike. Smilo down.

If it went impact and run t2 then Indo would be left with at most only 150 hp. Not that much. But unless your next creature happens to be DC, Crush, or a ceratopsian then you’re getting a 3000 undefendable definite rampage to the face. I’d consider that a win in a lot of situations

What you talking about? Indo2 is a top tyrant imo and both its moveset and stats are designed to counter nemys. If it does not kill nemys (which is not even designed for head to head) straight, Ludia is make fun of us.

Yes, you’re right. A lot of my list doesn’t actually kill Smilo 1v1, instead they bring it down low enough so that you can setup with your next dino. And a lot of setup dinos are faster than it. Oh, and quite a large amount of the counters I listed still hard counter it. Indo G2, Maxima, Dio, Tryko but you need to be decent at mind games. Grypoly but it’s kinda risky. The list goes on for a bit.

Haha, I knew that. I was just listing what Indo G2 could do to Nemo. But, I might just change my first post to say not broken, instead of not op. It’s op, very op, but FAR from broken, at least with where the meta is heading

Before nerf, Indo2 yes, Maxima nope. Tryko/Dio both top tyrant and designed to counter it yet still hardly counter it. This is why I said its gonna suffer a bit from meta AFTER the big nerf, it got many counters rn, moveset wise. You should have compared it with something like rinex/dilorach instead, then you will know how good it is.

Not gonna discuss further because turtle is extinct. Ludia just forgot to test it and manipulating the bot stats rn.

It’s immune to stuns so if it prowls t1 then follows up with PP dilorach is slightly screwed. Not sure bout Utar though

utar is the same speed. so it’s a 50/50 toss up. Would either have to be slower with distracting impact turn one, or faster with crit impact.
iI was thinking utasino, not utarinex. Sorry.


T1 Smilo uses PP. Maxima uses decel.
Smilo has 4575 hp remaining, while Max has 3210.
T2 Max decel strikes. Smilo goes for prowl.
Smilo has 3925 hp left.
T3 Max rampages. Smilo uses PP.
Smilo has 1325 hp left. Max has 660
T4. Smilo impact and run.
Max dies. Yeah, it loses in situations like this. But crit on rampage, then it’s GG Smilo.

Sorry did not mean head to head, but the performance in current meta.

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But why would you use decel strike on t2 when DR is right there?

Oh yeah. Damm 10 characters