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Smilonemys strategy

Hi there, does anyone have a good strategy for helping lower levels through this boss please? We tend to use Anklyosaurus as shielder which works really well, keen to hear other ideas? Some of the older strategies I’ve seen listing the moves use Thor’s group attack first, which of course is now on a delay, so wondering if there are any newer strategies. Thanks.

The pigs could work instead of thor.( entelomoth and the death pig)


With Smilonenemys there really doesn’t need to be a specific strat. As long as the Ankylosaurus has a lot of health, and you have anything that can destroy shields and decloak Smilo (like a low level Trykosaurus), coupled with a good healer, you can use just about anything else.

The only one you really have to worry about is the Carnotaurus minion, because of it’s Rending Counter and Taunting ability.

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Me and a few alliance mates managed to avoid the smilonymes’s pounce by using a lvl 21 orion using long invincibility because pounce only targets the lowest health.