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Smilonemys' Swap-in Stun Should be 100%

It’s fine if the swap-in stunning strike some creatures have fails to stun, because they’re still doing damage on their swap-in. If nemys’ swap-in stun fails, not only does the swap-in do absolutely nothing (and it is the only swap-in move that can do absolutely nothing), but it actively punishes you by swap preventing you for two turns.

Making nemys’ swap-in stun 100% wouldn’t make it OP, as many creatures it commonly faces (magna, gemini, maxima, both indos, yoshi, erlidom) are immune to stuns or fully immune. It would simply give nemys a better chance at countering the things it’s meant to counter, like huge boosted thor.


Agree! Stun 66% is not working and it is just another Ludia joke…

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then drop immumity to deceleration

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Yes!!! Make Tenontorex an actually viable counter for it! I dont have an issue with swap in stun as us but I wouldn’t be upset if it was buffed. But then you’d have to buff others as well.

I think swap in stun needs a rework or less disadvantages when missing.

I think this swap in should kind of guarantee any negative effect on the rival.

Swap in savagery for DC guarantees 40% damage.
Swap in nulify removes dodge, shields, buffs,
Swap in stun + strike at least guarantees x1 pierce attac
Swap in regeneration gives life.
and so on…

In case swap in stun fails, dino is normaly beaten as it usually receives 2 direct hits as it is usually slower than rival. Only 2 dinos that at least do somthing are Phorusaura and his DNA father Maiasaura. The armored tiger can also survive with 50% armor.

Something has to be done at least with other vulnerable dinos such as Eddie.

At least, when Swap in stun fails, IT WOULDNT HAVE TO MAKE THE DINO LOCKED FOR 2 TURNS.


Give it swap in head butt, since hes head is literally a pachycephalosaurus head.


I agree with that. It’s really annoying when a swap in stun doesn’t work and then you’re just stuck there lol

Like Smilonemys really needs more unwarranted nerfs based soley off the complaints of the community, most of which having never used or fought one :rofl:


The only issue about Nemys being 100% swap in stun is that the argument that Phorus’s should be 100% then. If that happen, then Phos would be wayyyyyyyy over powered.

At least make swap in stuns 75% like other stunning moves.

Right? It already has enough counters. Look at the creatures that beat it most easily (grypolyth, magna, maxima); they’re all commonly used in the last couple arenas. Other stuff nemys does a little better against often can’t be distracted or slowed, or has armor that nemys can only pierce with one move, or has shields that it can’t break at all, or can distract nemys… and is often easier to level so has a level advantage on nemys already, meaning nemys ends up dead or near-dead taking it out.

Nemys is meant to fully counter stuff like thor, and when swap-in stun fails it often can’t even do that, which is a problem. Sometimes it seems like people think a creature shouldn’t counter anything at all…

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I 100% agree and I would love to see my Smilonemys have 100% stun Castal

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I agree that swap-in stun should have a higher chance of stunning than swap-in stunning strike. That way the player can choose between the two rather than one being strictly better than the other

Arguably every creature with si-stun should have 100% chance to stun. But yeah its def useless when it doesnt stun, since it doesnt have a damage output

Make it 100 and give tenontorex swap in stun

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Agree, additional partial immunities, and slight buff in speed like 110 or 115

Agree 100%

Still managed to win this but OUCH

Would love to do a rework of the design of Nemys like a literal viking Smilodon wearing the massive shell of Carbonemys. :laughing:

Wouldn’t expect any better than this lol


Sorry, but stun should never be 100%. It’s too powerful to be so high.