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Smilonymes is not Good enough

Correct me if I’m wrong but I though that the superhybrids power will be decided by the rarity of the components. So technically shouldn’t it be the same level of power as Tryko. And as we all know Tryko is one the best creatures in the game.

Tryko isn’t really THAT good anymore. It’s a bit frail now that It doesn’t have 4500 HP and the loss of the resilient counter took away some of it’s utility.
I’m not sure If smilo is really as weak as you say. I’m using It unboosted(on a team with boosted dinos) and It does relatively well. I’m not opposed to a buff tho, i think It could do with a 1200 damage. But we also have to consider that the reason that It isn’t as good is because the arena doesn’t have enough variety for It to be as useful.


Smilonenemys was never any good against anything that had armor or shields, but against everything else it does pretty alright tbh.

Trykosaurus, however, always has been one of the best Uniques and still kind of is.

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I know it is very powerful against a lot of creatures like erlidom and erikospyx but it has never been on par with tryko which manages to deal a good chunk of damage to anything it faces.

Well they aren’t supposed to do the same thing. For instance, smilo tanks much more than Tryko, is faster, can dodge, distract, run, It has completely different utility. It isn’t really fair to compare how good It is by the damage, Tryko is a chomper, of course It does a lot of damage to anything.
If Tryko is better, it’s because it’s usage is a bit wider than smilo’s. And like i said, smilo could use a small buff, but It isn’t exactly weak, it’s pretty decent. The meta just makes It less useful.


I completely agree with your point, but when you unlock it at 21 it doesn’t deal enough damage to complete with everything else. I think it does need a small buff, maybe like a little bit more health or damage.

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True, i think It could do with a bit more damage, HP seems perfect imo now. The issue i see with nemys is that the lack of variety hurts it’s relevance in the arena. There aren’t many pure fierce creatures for speedsters to be very relevant, If speedsters aren’t relevant, stuff like nemys isn’t gonna be relevant either.