Smithetoceras, the new cenezoic hybrid

Isn’t it strange, that the new super rare cenezoic hybrid is stronger than another legendary one?



Power creep

They’re probably gonna balance it soon. (Either nerf Smithetoceras or buff Indriococeros).
But having said that, Indriococeros is made using a rare creature. Smithetoceras’s attack is almost the same as a aquatic hybrid. But yeah, I do think they should make it more balanced out so that it’s actually worth getting Indricoceros… (again)

Agreed… somehow a Super Rare + Super Rare = Legendary + Rare. They are comparable as their stats are very similar so maybe the weakness that the Rare adds to the Legendary is made up by the two super rares?

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For me this one looks like it emerged from someones nightmare.
Too much “Lord of the rings”.

I really like the look of this hybrid. Terrifying, yes, but also cool. I only need a Synthetoceras unlock now…


I agree, he is SO cool. I have been wanting to see a hybrid from one of the saber tooths, and here it is! Had him show up as one of the opponents in my Ceno PvP for the daily missions today, which was really cool since it will be awhile before I can unlock him (looks like Smilodon unlock was right before I started playing so might have a long wait before that rolls around again).