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Snake Apex - Omni Serpent (Unique Counter And On Escape)

The Omni Serpent roams your planet, consuming cities and people. Can you and your friends take it down and save the planet, winning it as a reward along the way?


No On Escape?

Sad @th3bub14 noises


On escape dust cloud. Take it or leave it

Ok I guess, I just think an Apex snake would be the ultimate swap punisher

I actually have a better idea for an on escape

thylacotator “allow me introduce my self”

It has DoT res, so Alloraptor would be better

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And Distract

Oh that’s right WHY DID ALLORAPTOR GET NERFED??? :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’d say to take it on you cold use thylacotator, alloraptor, touramoloch, and gemini.

New edit, on escape constriction!