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Snake got a buff. Now it's time for dilora and quetz

The next creatures that should get a buff is quetzorion and diloracheirus.

  1. Diloracheirus is a nice hybrid but he gets destroyed by tryko, titan, maxima and skoona. He is also the weakest of the three unique therizinosaurs. Considering he is also a exclusive he needs more attack and hp. Perhaps some group abilities
  2. Although quetzorion is a useful creature since he can nullify, bypass armor and doge, has invincibility and increase his speed he is the lesser used uniqe. He stands no chance against fierce / resilients, resilients and cunnings with higher speed. He also can’t handle raids. He needs more attack and perhaps a new ability

Diloracheirus definitely needs some attention, IMO. :smiley:


Yep. Diloracheirus needs to be better for being an exclusive same for quetz. They kinda have vanished from the arena. I rarely encounter them in the aviary


Orion could use a slight HP and damage boost, and some vulnerable and stun resistance. Other than that, its fairly balanced.


Yep, that’s true.

Diloracheirus is awful. I’d love to see it get an overhaul to be competitive with Spyx.

Orion is honestly very close to fine. A small attack boost or adding damage on its counter would be more than adequate IMO.


Like 1500 or 1600 on Quetz.

Or a counter that does damage.


I would rather a buff for Stygidaryx and Pterovexus they’re gone of the arena


Yeah dilorach needs some changers
I’m running out of meme templates for it :rofl:

Should be on par with toura.


Even just 1500 would be fine. That more-or-less allows it to two-tap anything up to 4500 that isn’t armored. It’s pretty limited on offense, anyway, so it still would mostly be a one-and-done, but still. It would be considerably more worthwhile, particularly considering the event-exclusive component.


No thanks. Battles are already twice as long as they were two updates ago. We need buffs for creatures that make battles faster, not more super stallers like these two.

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Quetz gets nuked by Thor to no end, or any chomper with over 4500 hp. Dilo just has those heals, but if you play smart it can die rather quickly to Thor and especially Mortem. And they do need buffs. Quetz a slight one, and Dilo a rather big one.


Perhaps Orion could have dodge added to it’s crafty strike? Do any other creatures use crafty strike? I cant think of any so it cant be that many that do, so perhaps adding dodge would help against the chompers.


No it doesn’t, but it was going to. Then it was changed. Would add a little more cunning to it.

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Quetz just needs the .5 damage null counter, that would be enough. Then it could even potentially be effective against Magnus and Hadros

That’s true. Perhaps a damage increase to 1500 as well

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You don’t say? :neutral_face: