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Snake Hybrid Buffs

I was looking over the weekend at the snake hybrids, and noticed a few odd things. One, their damage is really low. While they all have counters, only one deals physical damage, the other is a damaging affect and one doesn’t even deal damage! Second thing is that their health is all 3600, which is a bit ridiculous. So here are some changes I think would be good.

I will include a change to Ferocious Defense. It’s been discussed and while it’s not my idea, it’s a good one.

First Majungdaboa:
While it doesn’t need too many changes, a stat increase, swap in, and move change will certainly help this Superhybrid be much better.

Now Dilophoboa:
Mainly just needs a stat change, with swap in Distraction added for an option to fully distract turn 1.

And finally Spinoconstrictor:
A lot of changes happened here! First the basic strike was improved to Cunning Strike. Then you have the rampage. The revenge was a trade off for a swap in option, and allows more fierce in Spinoconstrictor. Sidestep was changed out with Evasive Stance, and Wounding Distraction is Instant Distraction that now has 10% bleed tacked on. While it loses some resistances from its parent Dilophoboa, it gains full stun and deceleration immunity. Also stat increases as well, gaining 450 more hp, 200 more damage, and 1 speed above its current form.

@Snake_Dude what do you think?


I really like it!

i really like this ideas, i would give constrictor on escape evasive impact so it could punish swappers even more, but overall it’s a really good job

I like the idea. Would love to see the snakes in the meta. Especially the unique, because as an event exclusive hybrid its not that good compared to others such as tenoto for example.


I was debating Strike and Rampage, and completely forgot Impact exists! I think that would be nice.

They are beautiful! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:
& that stun resistance would help so much with dealing with thors! it will be perfect lol
though only thing I’m a bit iffy about is that delayed rampage on constrictor if it isn’t on revenge, I don’t mind it too much but it was just a little surprising
other than that everything looks pretty good! would love if these changes were implemented!


yup cause rampage could be a little bit too much lol, but an impact would work pretty fine

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I was a little worried about it, then though “Revenge!” though now it can’t be brought out to rampage immediately, but it should stand more of a chance against tanks. I loved Spinoconstrictor myself, and it used to be my second favorite to use(still love its design, its 3rd place in my heart). If I had more team slots and these changes were implemented id add it in a heart beat.


Also gonna add in that impact.

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Everything is great! But I don’t know about the revenge move…

I know it’s iffy, but I wanted to add in more fierce while also balancing it and changing out the swap in from Dilophoboa to a revenge worked in my mind. But if it should be changed back to just normal Precise Rampage, it can.

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To be honest I like the revenge idea because most people end with the snake not start with it. But I think the on escape needs to be strike if you have the revenge. I think impact would be too strong.
[EDIT] change my mind on the impact the attack isn’t too high if it had 1500 attack then strike but impact is fine for 1200 dmg.

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Curious, what is the best way to end with it? I always start with constrictor if its on my deck and have failed whenever I didn’t start with her. So, if there are other constrictor users out there, I am now curious, how do u use and boost it?

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Oh I don’t use it. Haven’t unlocked it but I’m close to.
Usally when I face it they use it last just a guess from my end. Other people may be using it wrong.
My bad @Snake_Dude

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Oh no I’m not saying anything u said is wrong, I was just curious since I always start with it and ur post made me realize almost every time I have rarely faced it was last out

Yeah I think the on escape and no escape creatures are designed to be last dinos. Shame spinocons on escape move isn’t good compared to other snakes. For their moves I would say Titanaboa first then majungaboa then spinocons/dilophoboa. It should be the other way round. :joy:
But yeah can’t wait to unlock it on Monday when I get that 5k dna. Desing looks so cool. @Snake_Dude


It’s decent. It’s the best at punishing both swapper and swap in. Majung is the best at punishing the swap in, and Titanoboa is the best at punishing the swapper.


i usually use it when someone kills my creature with a draco or something like that, and as a revenge killer so for example a creature killed mine and has not that much health i put constrictor so there is no way the swapp without dying, and sometimes as a swapper


Well, guess I’ve been playing the incorrect way with constrictor lol
eh, I don’t mind, and I’m prob gonna stick to this for a while now, its been working like a charm so far, only times it proves as a bad play is when the first creature is mamolania dio or thor


I think spinocon should be wildcard, cause it’s fused with the 3 different classes. boa, (resilient) dilo2, (cunning) and spino which is fierce.