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Snake Hybrid Buffs

Well it needs a resilient move for it to be resilient, and while Precise Rampage should be resilient, currently it’s counted as Cunning.

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Aren’t Precision moves class neutral?

even though they are more common on Resilients and Cunnings

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Anyways, I feel it would be awesome if Spinoconstrictor had On Escape Rampage like Titanoboa instead of On Escape Evasive Strike!

That dilophoboa one will cause some controversy

No. Dodge is a Cunning positive effect, and Precise bypasses it, making it Resilient.

But most cunning creatures like the Raptors, Smilodon and it’s Hybrids, Erlikosaurs and their Hybrids, and I think a few others I can’t currently name have Precision moves

Me too i like it.

Majundaboa! Nice one.

With a stronger snake, it would be extra extra extremely hard to dart them, ain’t I right?

It looks awesome. ONLY thing and this is just my opinion, is for spinoconstrictor to just have instant distraction. Having the wounding distraction is a little OP but everything else I could see coming to the game and would make have a snake on your team a must, kind of like needing to have a swapper.


I’d guess Cunning since it’s mostly seen on Cunnings and it’s the only possible move on Spinonyx that makes it Cunning/Fierce and not a pure fierce.


The snake’s should phisically have cunning. you ever seen a snake dodge by Moving it’s head everywhere?

Read this.

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As a Majundaboa user I really like the move set you made for it!
other stuff would be welcome as well.


Imagine if Majundaboa Goes into the football field and your a player


Is that reply for me?

Going for level 30.

Love the design and attitude of this.

If boost reset, I will be ready.


No. It’s for TheFarShooter.

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Ok then.

10 chars

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