Snake strike but not sino. And we dont even get Snake dna for winning

I have this epic strike on my map, I’m severely confused. It was supposed to be Sino. Even if we did beat this strike we should get Titanoboa dna.

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Ludia ludiad it pal. Just ludia ludia it ludia ludia ludia. Ludia ludia. Sigh… ludia


What a complete failure of a company ludia is, the one time they decide to do something really nice and they mess up. I will beat money that they dont fix it

What a fat load of bull dung.

Level 30’s and we get Sino and a bunch of raptor.

I only have the epic from FIPing, haven’t seen one yet in hundreds of miles traveled, and someone has the unique at level 26?

and we get diddly squat for the epic strike.


Hey allo g2 is good, same for Blue, but tbh, I’d take a boa themed epic inc over a Valentine’s Day one.


Like I said on the other thread, we weren’t promised any snake DNA from the Strike Event. Just that we would be facing snakes.
A Sino event makes sense because of the Legendaries that were voted for, since both Utasino and Allosino require it’s DNA.

The fact that today isn’t the Sino event is weird though. That’s where Ludia’s messed up.

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I am level 20, I got 48 Sino DNA.

I’m not saying we were promised snake dna. But if the strike is snake themed when we thought the whole week it was Sino and the only other way to get Boa dna is through a ridiculous tournament and thousands of miles of searching we should have got some from this strike. I was expecting it to be easily beaten as I thought it was Sino but no its Dilophoboa. My full unique team got sweeped by the epic. In short I would’ve preferred either the Sino strike and a chance to get non themed dna. Or a snake strike with snake dna. This just isnt fair. Me and alot of others aren’t going to make it far in that tournament. I’m not saying we were promised the dna, I’m saying it would be more fair if we did


Like I said, they messed up the event schedule somehow. It is quite possible there will still be a Sino event, since there’s another strike scheduled, and we were notified before the schedule came out that one of them would be facing the snakes.

As for Ludia’s distribution of Snake DNA, that’s just what they do with exclusives. They’re entitled to release as little DNA as they like, so in that sense it’s completely fair, whether we like it or not.
Sure, it favours the whales, but that’s intended.

I’m sure we’d all have liked if we got more Allo G2 DNA, or if Carbo actually spawned with some noticeable frequency in parks, but we can only grumble and give Ludia our feedback, it’s entirely up to them to decide what goes.

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You are mad because we got an AWESOME valentine inc and no sino inc? Wow thats some intresting rant.

I never said I was mad. I’m not even ranting. I was just expecting the strike to be an easy beaten sino. This strike came out of nowhere. That’s really my only complaint. I just wanted a non themed strike that was somewhat easy to beat. I’m glad we got the Boa strike.

Its called criticism

You beat me to making this topic lol. I only got sino and smilo dna, no snake DNA.

Smilo? What?

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Is it in the snake strike?

Well, I think it was smilodon, but I was so confused to the point where I forgot the other epic.

Smilodon isn’t in that incubator so probably not

It’s gone and everyone who didn’t get to do it LOST IT.


Wait, they got rid of the strike tower?

They switched it to a different one, but whoever already did the first one gets to do both.