Snake strike but not sino. And we dont even get Snake dna for winning

What did they change it to?

Sino strike event. 200 Sino plus regular epic inc.


They’ve swapped it?


And those who did the Boa one can do the Sino too?



Guess I should have done the Boa one when I had the chance. But I was wary about how to best beat the snakes. Guess I don’t have to worry about that now :pensive:

What mean mate there every where
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I can’t find a snake strike

Yay, I did the snake strike about an 1hr ago while walking the dog. Used Tryo first then finished with Erlido, ended up with Allo g2 and epic rexy. Now sitting at home with a coffee and the sino pops up.

Snake strike was extremely rare, even before they added Sino strike. Barely found snake strike before and did it with Carbo, Carbotocera both lvl 20 and Mammotherium lvl 19.

This whole event seems to have been one disappointment after another… I’m more annoyed that they seemingly forgot about the Sino event, then replaced the snake one so late in the day. I wish they were more like Niantic in this sense, being able to tailor the events based on country/region (sans the tournaments of course).


They used to I believe but I think around 1.6 they stopped

and they probably aren’t going to do anything about those who did the other strike and those who didn’t. just like the pterasaur strike.


I hope not I want to keep my allo g2 and 15k :wink:

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I kind of like the way it works in my area. I get more chances to go out and hunt for event stuff since it doesn’t end until 4pm on what is supposed to be last day.

I think they meant like let the others who didn’t do the snake strike do it so they get the rewards too.


yep. don’t take away dna. just allow the players who didn’t have a chance to do the strike get that dna.


Plus honestly I feel robbed cause I didn’t get a chance to do the strike and I’m sure as not gonna deal with swap in stunning strike today

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same here.

Well, I beat the Sino strike, and a little further away I found the snake strike, beat it and got some good DNA. I was worried that they had actually replaced all the snake strikes with Sino, but I guess not.

that’s some good news. guess i’m going to be out for a couple hours to find both.

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They just want us to play peekaboo with the strike :rofl: