Snake Tournament!



Tournament rewards are snake DNA


Ok, I’m gonna have go do this one, I try to avoid the arenas, but for this I may try

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I swear if boosts are enabled…


Advantage tournament … isn’t that at level and with boosts? I get confused … if yes, going to be on a whooping to nothing …

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Ok it depends on the entry fee. If it’s lower than 100 HC and there’s DNA for every rank I might enter with Lil’ Kapro (lvl 27, T1 atk, T5 speed) and several other level 20 critters that have no boosts.

Is it free entry?

Carbo without its main counters…
This should be fun.

So same creatures as last weekend and real lvls with boosts. As usual best rewards are for real lvls tournaments.


Exactly the one we did last week…
except this time there will be boosts!

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Basically a repeat of last tourney -_-, like I said, if you draw the lion you win, if not, you loose.

Wow… in germany we got this

Rare, epic and legandarys???
A small but intresting fail.

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If boosts are enabled, I might as well not even bother.
This exclusive dna should be awarded at every rank since the spawn rate is abysmal.


Hope that reward will be dna, not incubators.

It will probably be incubators. It was for when blue was tournament reward only. But they could change the rewards at any time.

I’m more disappointed that it’s effectively the same tournament as last week, just with boosts and levels enabled to make it much less fun (unless you’re a whale).


I think I managed to win around 150 or so Blue DNA from her tournament, so going by that it’ll probably be awarded at every rank except participation.

Okay, so I was about to shriek in happiness at the possibility of getting some snek DNA… Buuuuut don’t see the word “skill”, anywhere, soooooooooo, no, I won’t be doing this thing. My heart is truly broken right now… I really wanted to get some Boa DNA ;;_;;


Skill left the servers. :joy::rofl:


I’ll try it out, but I doubt I’ll get high enough in ranks to get any DNA, considering I’ve been playing for 5 or 6 weeks now, and very little epics that I can use. Although I am happy with my Baryonyx getting some extra DNA with the daily objectives.

The German version would be better …

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