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Snake Tournament!

Finally some titanboa…for the whales of the game. Got to keep the big spenders fat and full!


Advantage tournament means boosts and levels enabled :frowning:

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Depending on the entry fee and the likelihood of winning some snake DNA, I may or may not enter.
None of the creatures that I have which would be eligible have boosts or are levelled over lvl 20, so I could be on the receiving end of some serious hidings!

Should be boosts.

Of course there is some sort of setback when they are giving us free exclusive DNA… I hate these real levels boosted tournaments, but I guess I’ll have to enter this time, a little Boa DNA is more than none…

Team level with boosts are my favorite tournaments. I know I won’t finish at the top, but the very low chance of boring speed ties more than makes up for it.


Their not going to give it away for almost nothing lol. :unamused:

Damn levels… damn boosts… ugh…

IVE GOTTA TRY! gets ready everything is being levelled up. Level it up.

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If reward will be Titanoboa dna I will play. If rewards will be incubators then probably won’t play.

There will probably be DNA rewards for the top 50 or something. I’m hoping they’ll prove me wrong, and hand out (a good amount of) DNA to all players.


Ya and it’s worse

half wrong? is that allowed?

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…Sure, why not :laughing:

Ludia: okay we’re gonna give the tournament for snake dna

Us: neat

Ludia: ya except it’s gonna be boost and lvl enabled and it’s the same creatures from last tournament

Us: are we a punching bag to u?!


AAH! YES! It’s free, and top 20,000 players get 200 DNA! 20,000 can’t be hard, right? It looks like they’re just handing us the snake!
fingers crossed

Well phooy. I dont have anything with boosts in the common, rare or epic dinos. So I can pretty much kiss a nice chunk of Boa dna goodbye. I’ll try for some though since it’s free. I’ll take what I can get since I cant find those invisible snakes anywhere.

It’s a free entry so who cares what the rules are. Just play and get dna. If anything the battles count towards your alliance missions so be glad the dumb snake is there as a glory idea to get your team to spam more battles.

you can get pretty high without super high levels or boosts. Hoping to only drop into the top 5k by the end. depends on how much time i get to play.


I got up to 300 dna not even trying using all common level 10 team. Just tapping the first move or letting my phone play itself while I played Days Gone on PS4 this morning. I was just spamming easy battles for alliance missions.