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Snakes are useless ... Need an Update!

Hi everyone

I couldn’t help but write this after realizing how I have been wasting so much money ans time leveling up and boosting my Spin and Majundaboa.

Especially my Majundaboa.

I have been playing them in the PvP arenas… Only to realize that that must be max boosted and level 30 to survive against much lesser dinos.
They are too slow and too weak… And extremely easy to neutralize.
Especially the Majundaboa. It is just SO slow that it must be heavily boosted to be quick enough. However if you do this then you run out of boost to make its attacks and health of any real use.

Spino is quick BUT is easy to STUN or to nullify its dodge or Distract.

In my opinion BOTH Spino and Majundaboa need the following to be playable and useful.


  1. Needs to start at 127 speed
  2. Needs a defense shattering move. Maybe the weak attack.
  3. Needs to resist Speed Decrease Screenshot_20210507-102935 Screenshot_20210507-102913 Screenshot_20210507-102935 Screenshot_20210507-102913


  1. Needs a Defense shattering attack
  2. Needs a cleanse.
  3. Needs to resist Stun
  4. Needs to resist Speed Decrease

You realize that majungaboa can kill ceramagnus (boosted and unboosted), which is THE meta defining creature at the moment (No idea on the flock creatures as of yet tho. Need to test)


I don’t think the snakes are bad. Titanoboa and Titanoboa G2 are fantastic in tournaments. Even Majundaboa is pretty good. The only one that I think needs a buff is Spinoconstrictor, but that’s mainly due to how incoherent it’s kit is (an entirely cunning moveset, but relies on a counter that’s mostly effective against resilients to do damage). I do think it could definitely use some stun resistance, and maybe speed decrease resistance. I don’t think it needs defense shattering or a cleanse though.


Majunga needs a bitt hp buff, spino needs a hp buff, stun immunity, and on escape evasive impact or rampage.


As a spinocon user, I can say I would love buff. A stun resis as well as the speed resis would be amazing to have and deal with pesky thors and swappers. I am not sure about cleanse or shattering, but maybe swap the current strike for a cunning strike to help with bleed, and I think I would be ok with that.Maybe including an on escape evasive rampage would be great, but not sure if that’d be balanced or not, and I guess some stats can be increased but not sure how.


Something like this ?

download (5)
Gave it extra 25 on slow resist, extra 200 attack. extra 300 hp and swapped a few moves and also on escape ramp and few minor stat changes


I can agree with that one, if it was a precision rampage i think it would fit the theme better.

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Once again promotion of My own topic but


Well majunja is only an epic. Plus it has a counter attack and it can boost its attack. But ya Dilophoboa needs to be better for a unique snake

I can tell you with respect to Majundaboa that it Is most certain NOT a heavy hitting dino. I have used it extensively in both PvP and Tournaments… And it just barley survives a fight with 1 dino… If the opponent has shield, armor or takes my speed… Im as good as done. It struggles. I have boosted it a lot and it barley survives… I don’t know where you get the idea that it doesn’t need boosts and is good at PvP. Dinos like Thor or pretty much any heavy hitter will kill it with 1 hit. Ots so slow it can’t defend

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yep that looks amazing! not sure if its good or not but I’ll let the experts decide on that since my knowledge on stats and kits and balance is pretty terrible

I should hope an epic resilient doesn’t hit as hard as a unique fierce. That was kind of the whole problem with Rixis. Majundaboa seems to be the type to tack on damage through it’s counter. If it isn’t doing that effectively, then it needs a buff. But I don’t think burst damage is supposed to be it’s style.

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The argument that the Majundaboa is an Epic and not a Legendary holds no water. There are several Epics that are routinely used and boosted which do well against uniques. Saracxis (lol the croc) i have is an Epic… And boosted to the max. It kills Indo and other unique with ease… There are several others as well that work well… As there are uniques which are useless… Which is why you almost never see them in PvP…

The bottom line is that epic or unique or legendary means nothing… It’s the abilities and playability that matters. When a dino is slow… Easily distracted or slowed… Etc… No one plays it… These snakes are like that… I am a player who loves to use less common dinos… Which is why I have leveled up mine the way I have… I’m certain that they need work

So why would you level up and boost useless creatures. I don’t understand your “anger”.

I can mostly agree with that (although I would say that with similar dinos of different rarities, like comparing Allosinosaurus to Thoradolosaur, the one of the higher rarity should be better). Even so, not every dino has the same playstyle, and some simply aren’t supposed to be hard hitters (I mean, look at ankylosaurs, and the snakes certainly hit harder than them). And looking at how Majundaboas kit flows together, I really don’t think it’s supposed to be a heavy hitter either, instead dealing consistent damage over several turns.

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It will take some time for Me to level it up.

So far, without boosting, I think it performs very nice :slight_smile:

Its build to be tactical, and making so much damage is just awesome in swap-meta.

Will try to make 1/2 health boost, or 1/3
1/2 attack boost, or 2/3

I will never understand why everyone seems to think their favorite deserves to be an end game dino. Every suggestion, it should be immune to slow and distraction and have more health and damage and speed… balance isn’t bad enough already? It’s an epic and yes there are stronger epics and weaker epics which means… it balanced


Actually, no. All that means is that there’s something worse, and something better. That says nothing about balance. It’s barely relevant in its own rarity tournaments, so there’s clearly a problem, especially since it’s a superhybrid like Thylacotator and Sarcorixis.


At least Majundaboa isn’t the worst epic superhybrid…

It could use a buff, but not a big one. Maybe an HP buff to help it survive more hits to do more damage? Or a small attack buff if anything.

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This is not a request to make any of the snakes an “end all” dino. In fact I think “end all” dinos ruin the game. There are several I feel are over done currently and ruin the playability of the other dinos.

In the case of Spino Majundaboa… Its clear that they are out matched when played in a PvP environment against any normally played dino above a level 16-20. Even when boosted heavily.

I recall in the past many people felt this way about Gryo… I would complain and I would get people saying how it’s a trophy dino or a tank and not for PvP combat normally… Then ludia changed it and now everyone plays it and normally uses it. This is also the case with these snakes… They are good… They can be formidable… But they need to be redone in order to make them playable and competitive.