Snakes, Crocks, Rhino's and Cats - Fun Team

I finally got my Spinoconstrictor and came up with a fun team to try it out with. This should be interesting over the next couple days. I hope to get to play some real players and not just AI’s.

My Team 20200417

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Could try going with a swamp themed team of snakes, crocs, amphibians and turtles.

Maybe Grypoly, Rixis, Constrictor, Dilophoboa, Skoola, Scaphotator, Carbonemys, and Carbotops.

congrats. Spinocon is fun. spammy, but fun.

Nice but sadly those snakes, and that rhino are trash they honestly need a buff badly

I still win with the oddest of teams and even teams you’d think are weak like this one that I was playing earlier this week to go with the Pterosaur strikes. I even beat the time out AI twice with these and those are boosted level 24’s.
My Team 20200413

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That actually sounds like fun. I would use non-hybrids
(purra, grypo, koola, koola gen 2, titanaboa gen 1&2, and carbo and meiolania

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