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Snakes need to Coil during Darting

I’m sick of this long slithering thing moving with the target moving too. Either keep the target on the head of make it move between the tail and head in a coiled state while the head and tail move at random intervals.

Talk about it.


I think they ought to move more naturally. The way it is now reminds me of those chairs with the multi-directional wheels, where they’re sliding in one direction and facing another.


I don’t know what the ideal solution to snake-darting is but there has to be a compromise. I can dart epic hybrids and event legendaries/uniques with higher accuracy than even the rare version of this darn thing. It’s pretty ridiculous.

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It just needs to be smoother


The darting is AWFUL!!! Just TERRIBLE!!! Who ever thought that was a good idea Was wrong

It’s ridiculous. The thing is so long that (with the normal “classic” drone) you can’t catch up with it if it’s rotating and moving away from your crosshairs. My phone’s not THAT old (LG G8) and it’s super choppy and I’m basically just trying to guess. I am surprised those few times I break into triple digits (non-VIP) and I consider myself a pretty good darter.

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Of course it’s difficult to dart a slithering snake.

Yeah well my Coil idea is perfect! It stays stationary, but the tail whips rapidly and you have to catch the target on the tail and or the head which lashes out here and there as well. That seems most fair.

If anyone can come up with anything better I urge you to come forward with your idea, but I don’t see anything being better than a Coil.

I would like to see it move like an actual snake. The head may change direction & go someplace else, but you don’t have the entire snake suddenly turning 45 degrees all at once. Right now, it’s almost like the entire snake is a straight board and it can’t round a fence without smacking down everything within several meters. If it moved like an actual snake, it’d be much more predictable & easier to see where you need to land your shot.


There are times when the snake is sooo long that after the 1st dart, I don’t even know where to look for the next hit

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My coil idea is literally the perfect idea. Think about it. It stays still, but the tail and head rapidly move and still make it challenging. I don’t see how anyone could down this. Not just because it’s my idea, but literally coiling is natural to a snake and really is the one and only way to fix this. No one else is really coming up with anything different. So coiling is the answer.

They could at least make it move naturally

It looks like an alien learning how to walk

Without legs


I feel like whoever was designing that thing has never seen a snake move… :unamused: and then someone actually greenlit that


It’s a game. Doesn’t need to be 100% realistic.

The best way I have found to describe to is how a snake would move if on an air hockey table

Doesn’t quite know what to do :rofl:

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I definitely could have more snake dna if they weren’t always Tokyo drifting when I go to dart lol