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Sneaky increases

I just wanted to see if people who still had older stories that aren’t locked in the basement had noticed if the price of choices increased there too?

I’m almost positive that most gem choices were 150… now I’m seeing that every new choice is 180.


So they added 30 gems per choice- so if your a vip that’s 6 hours and non vip it would take 12 hours to just compensate for that tiny increase.

Maybe it’s not a huge deal to most people but 150 was a ton to begin with. The 330 choice was just insane but now it seems to be a common theme.

If they ever implemented any new things like voice calls I don’t even want to know what you’d have to give up to hear one of those. 1k gems? First born baby? :woman_shrugging:t2:


I just tried now with Rose Monroe because I have her chat on hold and about to go to a date. I jumped into the date and the paid option is 150 gem. Not sure about other characters but maybe they are just increasing it for those that are coming back? :C

I stopped paying the VIP because honestly it is not worth it but… If they increase the gems I hope they can bring better and more choices with good quality ;_;

I don’t want to think about the voice calls because probably I would have to get a mortgage… XD Or they should add it to VIP ;;;

I dropped my vip too. It just wasn’t worth it… but when I did drop it I noticed there was a free month option now?? I mean I didn’t get a free month, nor have I ever seen it advertised anywhere?? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Mechat (one of lovelinks competitors) added in voice messages and I have to say I both like and hate it. I’m scared that if they add voice calls or messages in I might become unattracted to some of the characters because of their voice.

I started playing MeChat, to see what it was about. I struggle to ignore the writing (there are so many errors!), but it is nice their diamond options are so low. And you don’t have the threat of being unmatched. I’ve left so many to build up free diamonds and they just hang out :joy: And it definitely is more mature. If Lovelink and MeChat merged, it’d be perfect

More “sneaky” increases.


Some are reporting that some premium options in conversation have bumped up from 120 to 150. Some others are reporting that premium options during dates have increased even further up to 220.

Seems they’re trying to cut the losses they got from the calum/Alex backlash and spread it across their other characters.

I take back the hopeful tone I had in a previous comment in another thread. This is just frustrating and anger inducing.

I know ludia reads these. They have no problem responding quickly to the fanart thread or to some people’s problem threads. I just want them to know they a good portion of their base sees how crappy this is and is not happy with how this is being handled.

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Once my diamond stash runs out I think I’m done unless things change. This is just insane. 120 to 150 to 180 to 220??

No thanks.

lol same here, didn’t see this either O.O Well they might have changed to attract people? like other games do: first week is free / first month is for free but well… I don’t know, let’s see if they add content to make the vip worth it >.<

Oh yes I know what you mean. I have that fear too, I think it is pretty cool but I’ve seen it in MeChat and I don’t like it that much. I want to think that Ludia is just picking from the comments what we like and what we don’t so they know how to add this (I hope so)

They’d probably send a hypodermic in the post and ask you to draw blood.

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I just unblurred a photo and it cost 330 gems. Excuse me? It’s rude to just increase prices like that without warning. 300 is bad enough :disappointed: :angry:

Same!! Antoine just came back and the pic option was 330 gems. Which I am not going to pay…
So now we have 150 gems options, 180 gems options, 210 gems options, pics are 330 gems. The useless blow a kiss (which I have not seen yet) which also costs money, the vip which also costs… The next step will be to be charged to open the app…

It just makes me lose interest honestly.

I’ve noticed the increases but I have a ton of gems from saving them and subscribing/canceling VIP. I used some on Alice though


That’s exactly who I meant. Seriously, Ludia? You’re being entirely unfair. If you’re going to increase the cost then give us more free gems at the very least with the one video we get every 6 hours. I keep saying 18 gems every 6 hours isn’t enough

Goodness, I hope not

Ugh, yeah – 330 to unblur + 330 for the premium response. I immediately closed the app :unamused::roll_eyes: Did not want to think about it a second more tonight.

Exactly!! What on earth is that?

For Antoine so far with 2 convoys if you wanted to choose all the paying option its 3*330=990 gems!!
And I don’t even care for the selfie!
It’s a joke

I picked the +1 selfie and it got unlocked the answer plus the selfie, Seems that you can do it at once but not sure if it is a one time only or just this “convo” of the two things for the price of 330.

Anyway I find it bad because at least it happens to me that I don’t like when a game gives you like two options: one good and one bad.

I know they have to get money and all that stuff but the sentence of “I will take a loot at him later” its like a sentence to make you kinda feel guilty to don’t spend this money and give a negative interaction T.T

I liked before when you didn’t have to give a bad interaction if you didn’t unblur it T_T

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I know! I don’t like where it’s one or the other. There should be the ‘standoff-ish’ one, a neutral/good response, and then the “better” one.

And I had wondered of the +1 was a combo deal. I’d be less annoyed if it’d stay that way, but it should be made clear if combo choices and increased gem options were happening (unless I missed an announcement but I don’t think I did). And given how the “blow a kiss” feature worked out, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the one and only time, but who knows?