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Sneaky Nerf?

Haven’t been about in a while but suddenly a few things changed in my game. Was there a quiet patch between updates that cause a few changes in a few dinosaurs??

There was a small update the other day but I don’t know what changed,

The damage that my Tryostronix does was lowered. I know this because I got so used to seeing the big 4404 when her attacks connected. Now they’re lower. Not sure what else happened but she definitely got nerfed.

How long is a while? Are you aware of the critical nerf from 1.5 to 1.25? That may explain the Tryo thing?

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It hasn’t been too long. I think since the patch just recently. Then again the 1.50 to 1.25 makes sense I suppose but really it wasn’t all that long ago at all. Feels like it only just recently happened.

The update was 2 days ago.

Yeah I think that’s when it started changing for me.

He didn’t state how long ago a while was though, which is why I asked rather than assumed it was a few days.

My Tryo’s attack hasn’t changed in the last week. I don’t think they have nerfed it since the Critical Nerf


Mine is the same