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Snoggletog Toothless NEEDS TO BE NERFED!

I’m posting this, as I don’t think anyone else has caught onto this in the same manner I did. As we all know, arena can be a total pain in the gluteus Maximus. Which it most definitely is, a LOT more than it is fun to play. I still think Murmurquill and Sawmaw are way too overpowered, even with the health nerf, but I’m not here to talk about them… I’m here to talk about my BIGGEST pain in arena…

Snoggletog Toothless

Now I get it, these dragons are supposed to be pretty powerful, as they’re holiday dragons. Dreadfall Toothless I have no problem with. Thanksgiving Meatlug has made me hate Gronckles. Easter Barf and Belch are a pain to come across in arena. Valentine’s Light Fury isn’t bad, and neither are New Year’s Stormfly, St. Paddy’s Toothless, or Mother’s Day Cloudjumper. But again, I’m not here to talk about them. Some of them are a pain but for good reason.

Snoggletog Toothless, NEEDS to be nerfed.

I don’t know if you people miscalculated something, as it clearly says “all opponents lose their bonus health, and take 154% damage.” Well I’ll tell ya. Dreadfall Toothless does 240% damage to one opponent… HE DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO THE DAMAGE SNOGGLETOG TOOTHLESS DOES. I have had my dragons at almost full health, and have had Snoggletog Toothless use his ability on me, and BOOM. 4 of them are DEAD. Dreadfall Toothless is supposed to basically be a one hit KO dragon, but yet Snoggletog Toothless does more damage than him?! Bologna.

Now whether this is a bug, and your coding program screwed up and made him way more powerful than he is, or if I’m mistaken and 154% damage output is what he’s actually doing… He needs a nerf. The other 2 holiday dragons I mentioned who are pains are at least balanced in a sense. Snoggletog Toothless is way too powerful, and he needs a nerf too. This dragon has single handedly almost made me delete the game many times. I don’t know who else has noticed this, but nerf Snoggletog Toothless, or fix the bug that makes him do so much more damage than he’s supposed to.

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It seems when one enemy dragon has bonus health, snoggletog toothless would deal very high damage to all enemies, and the amount of damage is related to the bonus health. It would be better if you hold the ability of those with gain bonus health abilities until you can be sure enemy snoggletog toothless wouldn’t hit on the bonus health. I think maybe it’s a bug but it’s not so unbalanced.

What it does is if 1 dragon has bonus it does the bonus health damage to all dragons, then it for the second part it combines the bonus health damage with the 154% damage.
For example let’s say Belcher actives his bonus of 50%
and all the dragon’s health is 2500 (for the sake of simplicity) and let’s say the ability damage is 650.
So all would take 1250 dmg for the bonus health then they’d take 1900 after that rendering them all dead (except beltcher who might survive)

totally agree… often times i’m nearly going to win in the arena when suddenly Snoggletog wiped my whole team out…

It sounds like S Toothless is doing something other than what he is supposed to do. I must be lucky and only faced really low powered ones as I’ve not noticed this effect - or thinking about it, maybe I don’t have any dragons in my team who get bonus health…

If there is no bonus health it does normal damage, next people may complain about Valfury’s curse glitch.

Just to test this theory, I’ve fought a couple more in arena. It seems when none of the dragons have bonus health, he does the damage output he’s supposed to do. For this part of my experiment, I exchanged my Son of Skullcrusher, the main red dragon I use, for my Charsoul. He did the damage he was supposed to, at 154%.

For the next half of my experiment, I put SOS back on my team. As expected, S Toothless did ASTRONOMICAL damage, when SOS had all of his bonus health. Whole team was blown away, all except SOS who was killed in one shot by the next dragon to attack. I have a feeling it’s a bug with the fact that he’s got a “hidden ability” that however much bonus health your dragons have, he also does that to the other dragons as well. This is probably a glitch that’s gone unnoticed, or slid under the rug.

I never noticed a glitch with V Day Light Fury. What’s wrong with her?

In the beginning Valfury had a glitch where cursed dragons wouldn’t receive any bonus damage from the defense down debuff, but i think they patched that rather quickly.

Not that glitch, if curse is cleansed from you dragons you automatically get the health from her ability.

I don’t think thats a glitch though (its what i’d expect should happen when curse gets cleansed)

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I just don’t know if it’s intended to work that way, that’s why I called it a glitch.

Honestly the only thing I can think of is trying to raise Charsoul more (as he’s my best red besides SOS and my Snoggletog Toothless, but I don’t have a fifth ST), so he’s strong enough to be used in combat situations, or bite the bullet and use my 4* ST, as when going up against a ST now, SOS only hinders me. I think it’s time to get him replaced, as none of my other dragons have bonus health power.

It’s supposedly a bug and not a feature, I reported it about a month ago already without ever getting more back then that.