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Snoggletog Toothless Spreadsheet

Revised: 12/31/2019

The spreadsheet assumes that all nodes in each Trust Trial are completed.

For each Duty chest, Flight Club members get a whopping 75 Trust Points (TP) compared to the measly 15 TP that non-Flight Club players get.

Flight Club members can easily obtain 3 copies of the legendary dragon. Non-Flight Club players will have to work a lot harder since the Duty chest gives less TP.

The spreadsheet is divided into 3 sections. The top part shows the common area. The green section in the middle shows the values for Flight Club members. The orange section at the bottom shows the amounts for non-Flight Club players.

Good luck everyone! Don’t wait till the last minute to get those final Trust Points.


Why Sat Dec 21st you have 0 instead of 62?

I doubt they’ll give away a whole one, but they are giving away tp’s as gifts - would be nice to receive a few hundred on xmas day…

One can dream

Thanks for the spreadsheet!

@CaptWacky, you are a gift :weary: Thank you so much for making these spreadsheets.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays too~!

@Military_Jane Revised 12/22/2019 and Thank you

@AIlen, @Mysterious You’re welcome!