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Snoogletog Event is way too hard

This event is way to difficult. Why did you make the last two so unattainable? I mean 6500? I bet 95% of the players cant even beat that. That means that a typical player is only going to get 36 trust points for one run through. That’s ridiculous. You basically made it so that only paying players and extremely high level players can get the new Toothless.


I think you may be overreacting a bit, yes it is a bit harder. I’m running a team with 3 4* (revenger, SoS and Bomb) and 2 5* (Toothless and Sparguard) with only Revenger and SoS fully maxed and I managed to pass all nodes on the first try without any revives (except for node 7 because I forget to switch LF with Sparguard for healing)

Thank you for the feedback, Daniel143!

-300 trust points because there’s no species quests
And now 62 points vs 71 points were during Dreadfall and Thanksgiving


If the first chapter is harder, imagine what chapter 2 and 3 are going to be like. I have a team of 6520 but I struggled with the last three nodes and had to do some revives. Obviously my team don’t work well with those opponents, but I don’t have much choice unless I go with some non maxed 4*. Might have to give them a go - can’t afford the runes!


Chapter 2, stage 10 will be with Sawmaw (like during DF and TG), so even strong players couldn’t beat it

Words of wisdom from our champion…

Anyways. I highly doubt I’m in the top 5%. While there is events I’ll struggle with, I’ve been beating 6500 levels on autoplay for a long while now. It more has to do with the dragons rather than power anyways. What are the last couple node’s minor dragons? Perhaps there’s some insight we can give you.


I’m not really having trouble with the last two nodes either, to be honest. I don’t have any amazing dragons on my main team, and I know for certain I’m not in the top 5%…

I do want to say though that it does suck they took away the species quests. That was a good source of extra TP.


To beat the last level I used Toothless, tripfire, flank-tanker, skyglow, light fury. Toothless at 5*,level 48, light fury just recently trained to 4*,level 1, and the rest at 3*, level 50, total bp 5638. Take down the 5* thunderclaw as fast as possible then have skyglow ready before I take the hits from the 5* hotburples, and have light fury remove its take less damage boost. Such long fight and need to worry if the abilities are not ready when needed, and the longer the fight, the higher chance of accidents. Four waves, such long fight, if one die, the team get broken. I would say I have about more than 50% chance of getting past it.
The second last one has only two waves so I can beat it with my usual team of bombwelter at 4*, level 51, Toothless, and stormfly, tripfire, sawmaw at maxed 3*. Try not give them too much chance of using their abilities. Same for the previous levels. Be a little more careful with those tuaterrors in the last third node as their ability can decrease your spirit.
I can feel it’s a lot harder than the events before. Hopefully the chapter 2 and 3 won’t be too hard.

Thank you for some helpful words @Wodensfang.

Some of us don’t have the luxury of having enough runes to keep restarting. Nor do some of us have a choice of dragons. If you can beat 6500 on auto play then good for you.


Yeah I too can just make do with what I get from breedery and draft. So many get stuck at 3* because not having luck with breeding.

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Just one question, it’s probably a dumb one, but I’m asking anyway - how do you stop the opponents from using their abilities? I know Toothless brings down spirit, but if you can’t charge him up enough…

I can’t always. Have toothless put them off for some turns or kill them just when they are about to use abilities, or just get prepared to take the hit of their abilities.(Not doing nothing and get hit, but have skyglow get the team ready for it.)
Search for purple tiles first. Toothless get to hit first and then sawmaw and stormfly get boost and can greatly hurt them quickly. Defeat most enemies just before they cast their abilities.The best case, stormfly and bombwelter first and sawmaw later. But don’t save sawmaw’s ability because the slow down effect is also important. Admittedly it would require some luck. Taking a few hits of abilities won’t matter just don’t take too many hits and get half the team killed. I said not too much, if I am right about what you’re referring to. And be a little more careful about where the tiles go.

Well I made it through with no revives. In final node used light fury and Sappheral as don’t have sky glow. I have toothless at level 39 5* and a maxed Fireshrike too. So, definitely not bp that matters but careful use of dragons and keeping toothless ready to stop them. I always used to just use their abilities immediately, this time I waited for the best moment.
So much more helpful than comments about ‘whining’. Lol!

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Sappheral can be even better because it is at least faster. And one more defense breaker can not only even its defense boost but can actually break its defense and defeat the hotburple much faster. I would even about to suggest frostfang as one alternative.

My team is Toothless at 5*, Son of Skullcrusher, Gyllentallon, Skullcrusher at 4* (Flank-Tanker would work if I didn’t have SC), and Tricky Two-Heads. If a battle is difficult, I go by my same strategy in arena and focus on purple tiles, trying to keep to one dragon or at the very least, one area of the board so that I only have to worry about one dragon maxing abilities.

Unless I have a terrible board, I usually dont have a problem getting Toothless’ ability maxed in time to calm the others. And it’s this team that gets me through the new dragon events fine with no revives.

I auto played it as busy at work and no issues. shrugs skills? I don’t know but most people with high level should be able to beat it, it’s not supposed to be a cake walk.

If you actually read my post you will see that Iwasn’t comlplaining or whining, I simply made a comment. Dragonslayers ‘whining’ comment was aimed at someone else. I simply expressed my opinion later that it wasn’t exactly useful nor is it friendly behaviour for a public forum.

And look, our top player has deleted his comment. :joy:
For me I did feel this round of event is harder than previous DF and TG, but fortunately I’m still manage to complete all the nodes with my roster. Let’s hope the chapter 2 and 3 won’t be too hard, especially wish not to face sawmaw in the last node of chapter 2, like the last 2 events did.