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Snotlout & Astrid Dragon Offer

Hi everyone, interesting to see that the blue Astrid Dragon Offer has repeated today. I assume the red Snotlout Dragon Offer will also be repeated.

While I am prepared to purchase five-star dragons I would really like to see green, purple and yellow follow sometime soon.

Suggestions for green Ruffnut & Tuffnut: it would be great to see The Valliant Vingthor or The Cryptic Collector. Fishlegs: perhaps The Auroch King or Furtive Fleetsleet. And Hiccup: it has to Skitterbugs!

Any of these beauties appear in the coming days/weeks then my bank manager is going to have a complete fit!

Okay, so the Hiccup Dragon has arrived and it’s Lethal Lancebeak. I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket for this one. Hoping that yellow and green dragons come soon. Auroch King/Furtive Fleetsleet, or Valliant Vingthor :pray:t2: