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So, 1.15 or 2.0 will be revealed this week? It has already taken more than 2 months

It’s not a topic that bothers me, I just want to see what it has :neutral_face:

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best to not expect when it will happen. Ludia set the bar pretty high for themselves. by not announcing when the update goes live, they give themselves time to work on it. Id rather they get what they need done then to have a half finished product. if the notes aren’t gonna happen this week, i would like some questions answered while we wait. Just to quell some confusion. (what the heck is taunt supposed to mean?)


maybe creaturs could taunt? i dont know

Personally what I want to know is if the update is going to do more than just add a new game mode. Since they’re calling it “2.0”, that suggests that this will be the biggest update yet. I want to know if issues like balance and boosts will be addressed. And speed ties, although that might be expecting too much.


And obscure creatures being added

yeah. i would like to seee all the new creatures

they are at least getting closer because they realesed a teaser about boss strike

Like Zby, Iranotherium, and others

what are those?

Zby is a sauropod, while Iranotherium is a rhinoceros

I’m all for them taking their time with the update, but maybe they could release the notes in parts, so we can prepare for the update or even just to keep the hype alive.


okay. there was a glitch today were it showed me in an alliance when i searched it and they accepted me, but when i went to collect the rewards it said that i wasn,t in an alliance so i didn’t get to get the rewards

I’m not a moderators

What makes me nervous is that 2.0 has so many new things that I will not be ready, I mean, one of the things that I like the most are the new dinos and hybrids, but if they do not give us a note, or something to leave us alone for a few days or a week.

I don’t care if there’s no update til November, as long as the chat bugs are finally ALL fixed. I’m so incredibly tired and sick of how stupendous that has been built and never fixed.


maybe the point is for us to not be ready. There’s players that get the new stuff 1-2 days after release. maybe this is a chance to redo that and have everyone out hunting again instead of stockpiling dna/ FIPing all the time. A fresh start. A new adventure to experience.


Yeah. They kinda ruined the game with their incompetence and greed and so a fresh start is definitely in store.


Sounds excellent from that point of view, go out and look for everything, I like that idea😲

I remember when I first saw Zby on the internet, and was like - “that’s not a dinosaur name. That name is way too short for it to be a proper name.” XDDD

Remember back in the day when everyone had to wait patiently for 2-3 months for literally every update, only for it to be worth the wait because each and every single one of them was quality and not filler garbage? Oh how soon we forget.