So, 1.15 or 2.0 will be revealed this week? It has already taken more than 2 months

Hey Ludia when will the next update be here for jurassic world alive

A lot of lurkers are coming out into the forums while awaiting the update. Please stay everybody! Be one of us, one of us, one of us…

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One of us!

At least they can release the patch notes, at least give us an idea on what’s going on. I won’t mind waiting another month if we got the patch notes this week


My feel is they cant get what they promised off the ground and that affects the rest of the update.

Co-Op needs a certain rebalance and if Co-op is less functional, it makes certain creatures too situational or OP for arena use.

The other possibility is nothing is the whole update is more buggy than normal so everything has to be reprogrammed and so QoL changes might need to be postponed to make the game as promised and still functional.

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Only 1.9 was worth the wait. 1.7 and 1.8 were the worst update and a bandaid on a lost limb respectively. Both took 3 months to be delivered.

Ludia got the wrong message after 1.9 and 1.10 onwards, the updates have been half updates that should have been 1 big update not 2 small ones addressing problems highlighted and now inflamed 2 updates ago.

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Releasing the notes means they have 95% of the update firmed up. The fact they are kicking the can down the road means some things have to be changed. Also they tried releasing the notes 2 weeks earlier once. Went about as expected with calls for X change to be removed and additional of 1000 other things.

If they have something firmed up, they should release that part especially QoL stuff.

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2.0 could be a project redesign. maybe addressing some of the bugs we have for more than a full year.


Do you think that the patch notes wil be released this friday?

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No boost sale for me today? Is it coming…?

But when???

I don’t know

I can’t wait!! Oh boy!!

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We will look back at the deteriorating playing conditions and environment of 1.14 as the pre-Covid, ‘old normal’ dayz. Bring in the new normal. Am I deluding myself? No! I have confidence in my fellow Canadians in La Belle Province!

If not…



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The most probable thing is that this weekend will happen, since there are already announcements in the game, on instagram there are more promotions about “playing now”, the families in this update have already been released, all this makes me think that we are 2 or 3 days of having it

Screenshot_20200716-182841_JW Alive

I’m excited

Heres to hoping itll be at the least semi-decent :clinking_glasses: :partying_face:

More like:

It was hard finding a quebecois meme without the “T” word.

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