So, 1.15 or 2.0 will be revealed this week? It has already taken more than 2 months

So today is the day?


Given how huge this update is, i’m expecting the maintenance period to last at least half a day. Hopefully they won’t screw it up so bad like they did with 1.14.

Half a day? :stuck_out_tongue: More like half a week, lol :joy:

If you think 1.14 was bad, you don’t know what was happening before 1.7

I 've been playing since January 12 so yeah, I don’t know how bad 1.7 was.

The boost became a thing in 1.7 and it is by far the worst thing that was ever added to the game. It was a good idea with good intensions but the way ludia implemented it into the game was just horrible and it still is.

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I thought adding Cenozoics was the worst

Hmmm, I totally agree with you here. :+1:

Heard that Android players had to wait an unbelievably long time to play after 1.7. Iphones were fine. just android. I think it was a week. Players that experienced that, please correct me if i’m wrong

I thought that was 1.5 or 1.6.
I swear it was spring of '19…

Ah geez, you got me reminiscing like a codger.

Pretty sure it was 1.7 where android players had to wait a really long time. I was with my girlfriend at the time, and she got the update a couple hours after maintenance (she has an iPhone). I just kept waiting and waiting since I have an Android. The total time we had to wait was close to 12 hours.


I wasn’t sure. i came back from break at the tail end of 1.7 after leaving shortly after alliances were announced. So maybe 7-8 months i was gone. Then joined the Fourm in July the year i came back. I missed so much and the whole game changed. Some of which i was happy with. (green stops everywhere, and being able to get things from supply drops without having to be on top of it.)

…I stand corrected.

With the tournament being bugged out Yet again this week, let’s not hold our breath for the update.

I have a nasty feeling about this…

The notes are going to be’ released today, J.C. confirmed that

Quick. get in your take downs and stuff. If it’s anything like last time they won’t take points away. :wink:

This is gonna be great I’m excited!!

When did he confirm that again? From what I saw, all he said was that it was very, very soon, but did not specify which date.
Edit: Nevermind.