So a day after the update,what is your final opinion?

Pro: :smiley:

-A real + is the fact ALL 3 new creatures are global instead of exclusives,i admit i was sure it will be exclusives again
-I notice the rework of the light on the arena,it is well done
-The nerf of some broken creatures (even if some even needed more nerf,but i wouldn’t complain) aka indoG2,ardentis,smilonemys
-The 3 attempts to get thor/stygi is welcome
-The rework of ankylosaurus family might give them a second life ,im slighly dissapointed in one fact,give them superior vulnerability make another family immune to distraction which is almost pointless.

Cons: :thinking:

-Arena is still broken by immunity and boosts, its disgusting to play and worst,now i pray the 30s timer to reach out.If i find an opponent before,i just close the game.
-The nerf of some creatures which make me scratch my head because they are unexistant already on the arena
-The timer bug is really annoying
-By category,some too much powerful creatures haven’t been rework (procera,miragaia)
-Our olds hybrids (Nodopatotitan,ankyntro,megalosuchus,spinotasuchus,dilorach,tuoramoloch and few others…)remain untouch!


that rebalancing nerfed like 4/5 of my creatures. fell from 5100 down to 4850-4900.
matchmaking still sucks.


Ouch ya I feel ya

The creatures all look fantastic. Colors are poppin and the shadows/lighting are great.


sadly,arena is the worst part of this game right now!

I am at 5700 trophy and i drop trophy because i don’t want to play against another 160+ speed boost magna or erlidom,its make the game pointless.
So i will come back to arena when they will fix this mess,but we still have IA to play against and sometime you have to fail 3 time to face an IA


Yup,i love the design,
I unlock keratoporcus which look terrifying!
Even if the 3 new creatures share the models of the olds one,they are really welcome

if i can not face lv 27s i’d be much happier. i’m tired of facing lv 27+ creatures in Aviary. Stupidly difficult to keep placement/ or climb up anywhere. I have lv 20 -23.


Im full lvl 30 and i really struggle to stand at 5700,even with lvl 30 thor,tryko and erlidom

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I said this once and I’m gonna say it again. How bad is your hearing to hear smilonemy instead of proceratomimus

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i’d like her damage back. Remove immune to decel. (maybe SDS as well, but i have been liking that against indos)

He was perfect before giving her all this huge buff which make it broken,now the counterpart is :
-100 dmg this update,another nerf in the next update ect…

Did you heard the story of Dracoceratops?

that was dumb. Totally unessecary.

Totally,it was a fine unique before giving him immune to deceleration,a decelerating shield and a rampage and run…
Now its broken and even with a -100 dmg,its not enough nerfed …
So as i say,it will finish with 2 or more nerf (Carbonemys receive a -400hp this update,i bet smilo will receive the same ,next in 1.14) and it will fall next to utarinex,thor,dilorach,tuo and others i have forgotten their name.

oh no. i was talking about DC. DC’s damage nerf was dumb.
Smilon getting SDS and immune to Decel is dumb. but i think she would’ve been fine with LDS and R&R with 1200 attack.

Really like this update although I can understand the frustration of some players that so many creatures got a nerf in stats. Otherwise it gets a :+1: from me

Agree,its a step in the right direction.

Geminititan being on the top of the list

I’m relatively happy overall. disappointed that my fave can’t take on the twins anymore, but i can live with it.

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DC last nerf was unecessary.
Now we almost all have a high lvl useless hybrid.

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Damn,how could i forgot her :joy:

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